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The Latin-American and Spanish Literature section has a separate A-Z navigation links independent from the main World Literature section. Unless otherwise noted as available in English, the online material is either in Spanish, Portuguese or French. This page is a part of a much larger website: Treasures of the Internet. If this is your first visit, please read navigating this site.

Untitled Regions of the World

The Untitled World Literature section is an attempt to emphasize the works of poets and writers from other non-English speaking countries, as well as women and ethnic minorities, who are not as well well-represented in introductory literature courses.

Untitled Latin American and Spanish Literature . This section is our first attempt to consolidate the works (available online) of poets and writers from Spanish-speaking countries, especially Latin America. This effort is not only important, but also imperative, because in polyethnic societies like the United States, the Latin-American community is the fastest growing segment of the population. In many states, especially those bordering Mexico, as well as most of the urban centers in the United States, the Latin-American community has become a significant proportion of the population.

It is a mistake however, to treat the Latin-American community as a homgeneous group -- their politics and culture can be as varied as the different countries they came from. For example, judging from what can be inferred from the media alone, the focus of the Cuban-Americans are quite different from those of Mexican Americans.

A common thread however is the historical experience of being colonized for centuries by Western powers -- Spain, Portugal, France, the United States. The damaging impact of this colonial past has left an imprint, that until now is being felt in the socio-economic, political and cultural fabric of the society.

This historical experience is shared with many peoples in other parts of the world, that is reflected in the literature of these countries. A familiarity of the literature therefore would be a significant step in understanding the past experience and aspirations of peoples from other parts of the world.

Aside from the colonial theme, Untitled Latin American and Spanish Literature share the universal theme of love and relations, of personal dreams and ambitions and the eternal search for the "good, noble, beautiful and true".

Brazil and the Caribbean Countries. There are quite a number of Caribbean countries that speak French rather than Spanish. This is the case also with Brazil, a predominantly Portuguese speaking country. Technically, these countries should be placed in another section. However, while the historical ties of these countries may be with France, Portugal or other European countries; the recent (past) and current cultural, economic and political ties of these countries are with their neighbors and the United States. Latin American therefore shall be taken here to include the peoples of Brazil and the Caribbean countries, as well as the Spanish-peoples of other countries in the region.

Dearth of available literature online. Unlike English and American literature, there are less sources of Latin-American literature that are available online; or access is restricted (see for example, the site from Argentina included here). Many of those that are available are either in "temporary sites", e.g., temporary residence in university servers (that could disappear once the individual severes ties with the institution). We are hesitant to link sites hosted by commercial entities, like Geocities, because these commercial webhost collect information about visitors to their site (a violation of our policies). Some of the links included here, even if available from semi-official sites, quite often have very limited information (sometimes just the biography of the authors).

However, we do not have much choice, at present

An Appeal. Considering the above situation, we appeal to Latin Americans, including contemporary writers and literature enthusiasts, to help build this site. We especially welcome documented English translations. The author of the translation (aside from the Spanish, Portuguese or French original) must be included because the translation may not exactly convey the essence of the original.

Spanish-, Portuguese- and French-speaking volunteers are also needed to serve as "community leader(s)" for this section because the host of this website does not speak the aforementioned languages.



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