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Visit the more focused sections on American Verse, English Poetry and Spanish and Latin-American Literature. This page is a part of a much larger website -- "Treasures of the Internet" -- that includes other major sections, including the links shown on the left. If this is your first visit, please read "navigating this site", for further guidance.

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The collective literature of a country embodies a more personal distillation of human thoughts and dreams of a people. When read from a chronological and historical perspective, literature provides a glimpse to the soul and aspirations of a nation and her people, at any given time.

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This insight, about a nation and her people -- as glimpsed from the collective literature of a nation -- complements those inferred by historians from the evolution of events in a given country.

When fully developed, the emphasis of the Untitled World Literature section will be the works of poets and writers from other non-English speaking countries, as well as women and ethnic minorities, who are not as well well-represented* in introductory literature courses.

More extensive listings of American and English poetry are presented Untitled American Verse and Untitled English Poetry sections, as well as a more comprehensive English literature section to be created in the future.

To understand better what we hope to achieve in and why we are developing the Untitled World Literature page, please read the following sections:
We hope that our efforts and the dreams that we wish to accomplish in the Untitled World Literature page will inspire others to help us develop new sections for specific countries. Untitled


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