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The American Dream

The United States of America, unlike many other countries in the world, consists mainly of immigrants and the subsequent generations from these immigrants. Constitutionally, the United States were based from Western culture ideals. However, shifting patterns of the countries of origin of immigrants continue to alter the dynamics of the American society and culture. As such, it is a country always on the making.

At present, the African-Americans, together with the Hispanic-Americans and Asian-Americans, have radically transformed United States so that many major cities and even some states, like California and Hawaii, have become or are becoming predominantly non-white societies. By the mid 21st century, there will be more Americans originating from non-European descendants. In year 2000, Hispanic-Americans have surpassed African-Americans as the largest non-white ethnic group.

These dynamic changes have brought societal tensions and created cultural divisions. Caucassian Americans cling to a vision of America based on its European roots. A sense of alienation, from the still predominantly Western "American" culture, has propelled non-white Americans to retreat to their ethnic cultures and traditions.

These raise major questions for the 21st century America: "What is 'America' ", "Who is 'American' ", and "What is 'American culture' " of the 21st century America? Can there be a synthesis of a new "American culture" from the different, divergent and sometimes conflicting cultural traditions of the ethnically diverse immigrants comprising the 21st century America?

The American Dream website attempts to help answer these questions, first by bringing together and integrating into one site the different, divergent and sometimes conflicting cultures and traditions among the present-day "Americans". Greater understanding of these cultures and traditions, may lead to the eventual realization of a new "America", "American", and "American culture".

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Travel in the United States, will have an introductory section, Untitled American Odyssey , but otherwise, traveling to places like Boston, New York, San Francisco, etc. will be under the major subsections, Places. Thus, Boston will be found in the alphabet section, "B", under Places.

Other major topics, like Untitled American Poetry , will have a separate alphabetized section. In the future, we shall create a section, dealing with well known Americans -- in the Arts and Humanities, Science and Technology as well as those who made their mark in History (e.g., Martin Luther King).

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