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  1. Dictionaries
    a. Free Online Dictionary on Computing
    b. Oreilly.com Dictionary
    c. Currents.net Dictionary
    [for the novice]
    d. net lingo -- The Internet Language Dictionary
    e. Internet and Unix Dictionary
  2. "Tech Encyclopedia"
    a. CMP TechCyclopedia
    b. Webpedia
    c. Whatis.com
  3. HTML
    The ("most complete") HTML Guide Dictionary
  4. Acronyms
    a. Acronym Finder
    b. Acronyms and Abbreviations
  5. Hacker's Jargon

Free Online Dictionary on Computing (FOLDOC)
The above site is the master copy of the Free On-line Dictionary of Computing located at Imperial College, London, UK. Try to access mirror copies of the dictionary nearest you (to reduce international network traffic):
Australia: Australia's Cultural Network | France: University Paris XIII | Germany: Easynet | Japan: NUE, Tokyo | Mexico: Guadalajara (in Spanish) | Romania: CCTI - TU Iasi | Sweden: SUNET | Turkey: Bilkent University | USA, CA: InfoStreet | USA, CA: NightFlight

Commercial Sites:

Oreilly.com Dictionary
Based on a book published by Oreilly.com, a well-established publisher about computer and internet information. While the scope of the dictionary is limited, it is more than some of the other sources below. It could be classified as an "encyclopedia" but not encyclopedic in scope (even in computers and internet field) -- perhaps because the book is now out-of-print (and maybe not updated).


Currents.net Dictionary
Has at least 7,000 high tech terms (including more recent terms).

net lingo -- The Internet Language Dictionary
This online dictionary, with a "pocket" dictionary, is especially instructive for the novice. It includes a unique set of symbols called Smileys and Emoticons and internet "acronyms", also called IRC/Chat Shorthand to compensate for the absence of verbal nuances when communicating on the Internet -- this is emblematic of the fast pace of the internet, such that people do not have a chance to pause anymore and appreciate the meaning of the "written words" in the context of a chat or e-mail; for example: ( ======> :)



Internet and Unix Dictionary
This is another internet dictionary, suitable for the novice, compiled by Kevin Kadow. Compared with net lingo internet dictionary, Kadow's dictionary has fewer number of terms listed but it has the advantage of providing (as links) related terms, antonyms, etc. -- thus, more educational to the novice.

"Tech Encyclopedia"

CMP TechCyclopedia




Many of the internet dictionaries and "tech encyclopedia" are prepared by knowledgeable individuals or companies but are not trained lexicographers; many do not provide the reference (the origin) or historical context of a term or acronym. Moreover, to exemplify how fast the internet vocabulary is expanding, some sites do not include terms such as Linux, iMac, etc. when this review was written (991010).

The ("most complete") HTML Guide Dictionary
This is a very informative resource about HTML's and how to use them -- after you have learned to navigate the various sections. It may help to read first about "What HTML is all about" and have a crash course on html, dhtml, java, etc. before this HTML Guide Dictionary becomes more useful.

Acronym Finder
A searchable database containing common acronyms and abbreviations about all subjects, with a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military. The main drawback is that all it provides is the "equivalent term" and no further definition or qualifying definition. Has a tendency to freeze my computer.

Acronyms and Abbreviations
This is a listing of acronyms (abbreviations constructed from the first letters [or first few letters] of the words of a phrase), not a dictionary nor an encyclopedia, but helpful to start understanding many acronyms commonly used. You can search by acronym and see its expansion; or search for a word and see the related acronyms.

Hacker's Jargon
As the title says, it is not for the novice but very useful resource. It is slow (and sometimes does not even download) though.

First Written: 19991008 Latest Update: 20060328

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