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While we intend to tackle almost all topics of interest, as the website becomes more fully developed, this website endeavors to search for and present the "gems" of the internet; thus the origin of the name, "Treasures of the Internet" (also abbreviated as toti in the A-Z navigation link that will appear just below the Treasures of the Internet logo, when you click on one of the major subsites shown on the left section.)

Diamond in the Riverbed
The website has grown tremendously since its inception, so that the main alphabetical index (shown at the top) is very incomplete and is under revision, to include many sections that have been developed the past two years. For now, have a glimpse of some of the major sections currently under development. The list below outlines some of the major sections of Untitled Treasures of the Internet :


General Sites

  • American Dream
    explores the philosophical and practical question: Can we build an American nation from a culturally diversed community?
  • Ecosystems
    an exploration of nature & wildlife, flora & fauna, conservation, ecology, etc.
  • Odyssey
    an internet exploration of the different countries of the world. A companion section, Treasures of the Internet Gallery, is intended to be a photographic exploration of the world, peoples and cultures, as well as other human pursuits.
  • Reference Desk
    the internet world is at your fingertip -- all you need is "to know" and formulate your question.
  • Science & Technology
    while some of the contents can be technical, the ultimate goal of this site is to explore the practical side of science and technology so that it can serve the day-to-day activities of the average person.
  • Personal Finance & Prudent Investing
    You do not get investment tips here. What you will find are integrated links to primary sources of information that can guide you when dealing with issues related to personal finance and investing. We do have many original articles here espousing the virtues of prudent investing. [This site (formerly hosted in another internet site) is in the process of being integrated to "Treasures of the Internet".]
  • English Poetry

    Visit also the other major sections such as: , Online Museums Around the World, US Newspapers, Newspapers Around the World, etc., shown on the left navigation links.

Health and Medicine

Scientific Research

We have been so focused in creating many subsites and have not been as vigorous in including them in the main A-Z navigation links above. As of mid April 2002, the webhosting company counted more than 22,000 files in one of the two internet sites hosting the contents of Untitled Treasures of the Internet -- bringing the estimated total to about 40,000 files. We are in the process of integrating the files into a single site to further enhance the hyperlinking among the various subsites.

Since the creation of this website, some major links included here, like those in the English Poetry and American Verse sections, have changed servers or have gone commercial. We are revising and expanding these sections to be "integrated" with the World Literature section.

Thus, pardon the appearance of "some" odd looking pages -- it will take a bit of time to convert as well as update several thousand files. Untitled


      First Written: 19990104       Latest Update: 20060328 Untitled


Untitled Notes and Disclaimer: Please visit the Why this page? section in the Introduction of Treasures of the Internet to know more about our policies on privacy, general disclaimer and other pertinent information. You agree to be bound by the aforementioned policies and disclaimer if you go beyond the entry page of this website and will not hold us responsible for the consequences of what you do with the information gathered herein.