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Treasures of the Internet

Using the correct engine for your purpose can save you a great amount of time. However, be careful when using certain search engines. Did you know, for example, that information about you may be collected as you search the internet? What you do not know can still affect (or even hurt) you.

Search Engines:

Alta Vista Excite Google goto.com
Hotbot Infoseek looksmart Lycos
Netscape Snap Yahoo Others

Meta Search Engines

savvysearch Metacrawler Fast Search Others

Archives and Directories:

An alternative or complement to search engines are carefully-prepared directories that are updated regularly. Personally, I prefer them as starting point. Examples of general directories include:
  • Open Directory Project.
    Read about the philosophy of the directory in About the Open Directory Project. This is a very comprehensive directory, including almost every subject matter conceivable. The quality and reliability of the archived internet sites depend so much on "volunteer editor(s)" on a specific topic. Many archived sites sometimes are no longer available. With this caveat, the Open Directory Project is a good starting point for your search or perhaps as a point for further exploration after you have search a better prepared archive.

  • Virtual Library
    This is another very comprehensive directory, although the topics covered is much more limited than that of the Open Directory Project. It has the advantage of having editors that are "experts" in specific fields. For your convenience, the major topics listed in Virtual Library are included in the "A-Z" navigational index shown above.

One of the major goals of Treasures of the Internet is to prepare a listing of the most reliable directories on various topics of interest. Please join us in this endeavor.

Some of these carefully selected archives and directories are included in the "literature cited" of the major topics (see left navigation links).


With your help, our long term goal is to make Treasures of the Internet your directory of choice to search a specific topic. If you cannot find a topic of interest in the "A-Z" navigational index shown above and on the left or right sides of the Treasures of the Internet site, consider using the Open Directory Project or the Virtual Library as a starting point, than any of the search engines listed above, to score more relevant links to a topic, without wasting too much time. Neither are perfect directories of links though, so if you need more extensive search, then consider the search engines above, after you have viewed what are available through the aforementioned directories.

In the future, I will write more about "advantages and cautionary notes" when using search engines -- including issues about their invasion of privacy and as echoed by the previous articles, how "overcommercialization of the internet" is affecting the integrity (reliability) of search results -- citing articles from mainstream papers, like the New York Times, BBC, etc.




Help promote understanding among peoples around the world through accurate information!

We need volunteers, academicians, historians and scholars, from around the world, to help develop profile for your country or ethnic group, or specific topics you are interested in. Please contact us, if you are interested to create, improve or keep up-to-date any section included herein.


      First Written: 19990104       Latest Update: 20060328 Untitled


Untitled Notes and Disclaimer: Please visit the Why this page? section in the Introduction of Treasures of the Internet to know more about our policies on privacy, general disclaimer and other pertinent information. You agree to be bound by the aforementioned policies and disclaimer if you go beyond the entry page of this website and will not hold us responsible for the consequences of what you do with the information gathered herein.