We would like to hear from you!


This page will record your responses to specific topics and a way to get in touch with me (CGC) and the other contributors of "Treasures of the Internet".

In the past, I had a well-read webpage and got e-mails from all over the world that were very sincere. However, it became almost a "full-time job" just to respond to them but it would be very improper if I did not answer them personally. Because I am rather busy at present (developing this page and doing other things), I do not think I can answer each letter sent to me.

I thought this section will be a compromise. I promise to read all letters posted here and respond when needed.

Making the letters public will allow others also to read your letter and perhaps have similar ideas. All those interested in the same topic may then collaborate together and create another topic that can become part of "Treasures of the Internet".

This section of the Treasures of the Internet is more for constructive criticisms (text editing, new links and other ways on how to improve the page). Also, use this page if you wish to suggest other topics that you want to develop for this page.

There will be a separate forum page [click on FR on the top of the figure to the right corner] where you can post how much you "like" or critic our work.

The reader response and forum pages are not ready yet -- not so much because it is difficult to set up, but more for security reasons that we have to resolve. In other pages that I created in the past, some "spammers" sent "junk notes" to the "reader response" section.

Surely you do not want to waste your time reading such junk notes. Such junk notes waste precious space and will require so much time to delete.

We will notify you once we are equipped to accept responses with capability to filter junk notes.