1. Introduction
  2. Looming dangers in the internet age
  3. Charting the Direction of the Internet
  4. Role of the "Treasure of the Internet"
  5. Policies of the Treasures of the Internet
  6. Time is Gold!
  7. How you can help develop this page
  8. Disclaimer, Disclosure and Warning


We strive to be accurate but we do not guarantee the information provided here; in part because of the dynamism of the world we live in -- new discoveries are made and things change so fast these days -- rendering some information obsolete. More critical, I and the contributors are not experts on every discipline included here; so if you find any incorrect information, please write to us (with proper documentation) so that the error can be rectified.

With these caveats, you will not hold "us" responsible (legal, moral or in any other way you can think of) for consequence(s) of any inaccuracy contained herein.

If you are not prepared to accept these conditions, exercise your right not to read this page. Otherwise, you have been forewarned.


The original contents of the "Treasures of the Internet" were developed by your host and the volunteers who responded to our invitation to help build this page. [The names of volunteers will be included in a separate site -- "Friends of Treasures of the Internet.]

The name "Treasures of the Internet" is owned by your host (CGC) and is supported currently from personal finances and by "iblab.com", a holding company owned by the host of Treasures of the Internet.

CGC reserves full right and ownership to the names Treasures of the Internet, treasuresoftheinternet.org, treasuresoftheinternet.com and treasuresoftheinternet.net.

The name treasuresoftheinternet.org will be the non-profit component of "Treasures of the Internet". This non-profit arm of "Treasures of the Internet" will allow acceptance of support from individuals, foundations, companies and other organizations to help support the operation of the webpage.

The entity treasuresoftheinternet.com, in collaboration with "iblab.com" and faculty/staff from universities, schools and non-profit entities, will explore SBIR/STTR grant mechanisms to avail of federal government research grants to fund projects for "Treasures of the Internet" that have educational, scientitific or medical goals.

The entity treasuresoftheinternet.net, in collaboration with "iblab.com" will explore internet projects that will further the goals of "Treasures of the Internet" but cannot be accomodated in the main page of the Treasures of the Internet. The projects will include, but not limited to, economical webhosting and technical help for individuals and groups that have "non-commercial" educational, artistic or cultural objectives. Priority for web-site hosting will be given to contributors and editors of "Treasures of the Internet".

When resources permit, treasuresoftheinternet.net will serve also as mirror sites for archives and other exceptional websites developed by other groups that have "non-commercial" educational, artistic or cultural objectives. This goal will help relieve the "traffic" in some of these frequently accessed sites.

The activities and operations of the above entities must adhere to the goals and policies of "Treasures of the Internet" and must not perform any activity that can compromise the integrity of the name "Treasures of the Internet".


In no way will the name "Treasures of the Internet" be used to endorse any site, individual, product, organization or institution -- even if these entities were linked in the pages of Treasures of the Internet.

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