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  1. Introduction
  2. Looming dangers in the internet age
  3. Direction of the Internet
  4. Role of the "Treasure of the Internet"
  5. Policies of the Treasures of the Internet
    • Free Speech and Censorship
    • Privacy
    • Parental Supervision
    • Volunteer Work
    • Copyright
  6. Time is Gold!
  7. How you can help develop this page
  8. Disclaimer, Disclosures and Warning

Policies of the Treasures of the Internet

Free Speech and Censorship. We believe that censorship is a cop-out -- an abdication of our responsibility as individuals to make prudent and responsible choices.

However, because of limited resources, the pages of Treasures of the Internet will not be a party to groups that masquerade under the guise of "free speech" to demean specific groups, race or religion in our society. On the other hand, historic segregation or maltreatment of specific groups, races or religion shall not be tolerated as an excuse for "reverse bigotry" and will not be allowed in the pages of "Treasures of the Internet". [They can always exercise their right to create their own webpage.]

Irresponsible writing or dispension of personal views is one of the objectionable aspects of the internet. Treasures of the Internet believes in the principle that anyone who has something to say must be willing to stand by it. Otherwise, a person does not deserve the right to participate in a public forum.

[My models for responsible exercise for "free speech" are Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi -- who were willing to make the sacrifice to stand by their convictions.]

We do not expect you to make the same sacrifices as those aforementioned great human beings. However, at the very least, we expect unsolicited contributions to the pages and participation in reader response sections of "Treasures of the Internet" to include legitimate address and e-mail. We reserve the right to reject or remove any material without verifiable address and e-mail.

For the aforementioned purposes, volunteer "Ombudsman" committee, "Advisory group" and "Community Leaders" will be set up to advise us in ensuring the quality of the contents of the pages. However, we reserve the right ultimately to exercise editorial control on what gets included in the pages of "Treasures of the Internet". As host of these pages, I reserve the right to exercise editorial control and make the ultimate decision on issues of dispute.

On Privacy Read more about how breach of privacy can have grave repercussions. The section on privacy also includes links to key newspaper articles (New York Times and BBC) and organizations that advocate strict privacy rules.

With our view on privacy, "Treasures of the Internet" provides its solemn promise that you will not be monitored when you visit this page; neither will we divulge nor share (knowingly with others) any information that you will provide -- unless required by law.

Whenever possible also, we shall cite links that have defined "privacy policies". We have no control on outside links though, as a visitor to any webpage, you should exercise your wise judgement whether you should continue any further in exploring an outside link.

Parental Supervision.The focus of the pages of "Treasures of the Internet" will be educational and intended for individuals who want to learn more beyond what is readily available in the confines of formal education.

Towards this goal, there may be "mature and controversial contents" in certain sections in the future. To rate these sites in the pages of "Treasures of the Internet" will just attract unnecessary attention.

Thus, parents shall have the responsibility and decide whether any minor in their household are ready to view certain sections of the pages of "Treasures of the Internet". If a parent is not willing to take this responsibility, we advise you " to filter" the entire "Treasures of the Internet". [Please read the disclaimer section.]

Volunteer work. This page will rely mainly on "volunteer" spirit; thus, do not expect any financial gains when participating to develop this page. However, a separate page for each section will be created to credit and recognize all contributors, editors and sponsors to recognize the specific contributions of individuals or organizations to "Treasures of the Internet". In the said section, each contributor will be allowed to link to their own personal webpages (or create a page within Treasures of the Internet for personal profile). We reserve the right to delete a link, if we discover that such a link does not conform to the principles and policies of "Treasures of the Internet".

We recognize that in citing the specific contribution of individuals in developing the pages, it can establish their "depth of knowledge" in a given discipline or their creative genius (design, layout, work of art included here, etc.). Thus, while there is no direct monetary gains from initial contribution to these pages, the above recognition of "expertise and/or creativity" may be useful in a resume.

Also, to support further development of these pages, we may apply for grant support in the future and we may use the talent pool, from our contributors and editors, to become part of such grant proposals.

Under no circumstance will any individual or organization use the name of or try to represent "Treasures of the Internet" for any purpose. All solicitations for grant support will emanate from the main headquarters of "Treasures of the Internet".

Copyright Intellectual property and copyright is a very contentious issue in the age of internet. The position of this webpage on this issue will be explored, in the future, in a separate section on Copyright.

Basically, we respect the right of individuals, companies or organizations to have control of their creations. However, we view that "public treasures" in non-profit museums, universities and other institutions that receive government grants, subsidies or donations from foundations or even individuals must be considered as "legacies" to mankind.




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Untitled Notes and Disclaimer: Please visit the Why this page? section in the Introduction of Treasures of the Internet to know more about our policies on privacy, general disclaimer and other pertinent information. You agree to be bound by the aforementioned policies and disclaimer if you go beyond the entry page of this website and will not hold us responsible for the consequences of what you do with the information gathered herein.