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  1. Introduction
  2. Looming dangers in the internet age
  3. Charting the Direction of the Internet
      a. Do we have a choice?
      b. Role of the "Treasure of the Internet
    • Focus and Goals
    • Format and Content
    • Point of View
  4. Policies of the Treasures of the Internet
  5. Time is Gold!
  6. How you can help develop this page
  7. Disclaimer, Disclosures and Warning

Role of "Treasures of the Internet"

Focus and goals. One of the long term goals of this page is to ally with others who want to provide an alternative internet environment that is more respective of our privacy and humanity. How we hope to achieve this goal in this page is discussed in the policies section.

This webpage, as the name implies, will attempt to seek the diamonds in the riverbed and share the treasures we find with everyone. In doing so, we hope that this will inspire individuals to strive to achieve their best and share their talent and legacy with mankind.

We cannot do this on our own though; thus we invite you to share our vision and join with us to realize the dream. Whatever you do, you have something to contribute that may help others -- as much as you may have found the contents of these pages useful.

The pages of Treasures of the Internet is meant to reflect the culmination of integrated (collective) effort, rather than individual creativity, to serve the common good. This is part of the experiment of the page -- that we can act as a community rather than mere collection of individuals.

However, in the future, when resources permit, we will create a separate "page", bearing the name of 'Treasures of the Internet, that will focus on individual creativity -- within the framework of the principles and policies of "Treasures of the Internet".

Format and Content. Aside from creating a cohesive page, (unlike the individual webpages found in Yahoo-Geocities, Tripod, WBS, etc.), every effort will be taken so that the pages of "Treasures of the Internet" will not contain very intrusive advertisements.

However, we do not have control to the outside links cited in the pages. Thus, to minimize "advertisements" even in the outside links, we will give priority in archiving sites from "non-commercial", e.g., pages created by academic institutions, non-profit organizations, legitimate government sources (e.g., US National Archives), etc. [See additional notes under policies below.]

Citation of reliable sources will help ensure the veracity of the contents of 'Treasures of the Internet". In this regard, the mere existence of a internet site does not establish legitimacy or authority.

Point of View. As "host" of "Treasures of the Internet", I shall exercise a great degree of tolerance on what will be allowed in these pages. However, whether we like it or not, everyone of us has personal convictions that we hold dear and fight for. [This is the main motivation why I set up this page.] Thus, every visitor must have a chance to know some of those views that are dear to me (some reflected here already) to be discussed in greater detail in a separate page (to be linked here in the future).

This policy about intrusive advertisement shall be balanced by the practical need for financial resources to maintain this webpage. At present, the cost of maintaining the website is subsidized by your host. In the future, we may need to solicit sponsors and cite them in a manner that will not detract from or conflict with the stated goals and policies of this website. The "Innovative BiomedicaLAB" sponsor logo (with a link to the main webpage of the sponsor) is a sample of such citation in the future. Definitely, no distracting streaming nor pop-up ads.




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Untitled Notes and Disclaimer: Please visit the Why this page? section in the Introduction of Treasures of the Internet to know more about our policies on privacy, general disclaimer and other pertinent information. You agree to be bound by the aforementioned policies and disclaimer if you go beyond the entry page of this website and will not hold us responsible for the consequences of what you do with the information gathered herein.