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  1. Introduction
  2. Looming dangers in the internet age
  3. Direction of the Internet
          a. Do we have a choice?
          b. Role of the "Treasure of the Internet"
  4. Policies of the Treasures of the Internet
  5. Time is Gold!
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  7. Disclaimer, Disclosures and Warning
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Sometimes, even good intention is not enough. How often has mankind suffered from the well-intentioned goals of individuals who have not pondered thoroughly the impact of their actions? DDT, for example, was meant to rid us of many insects and other pests that could have eradicated such scourges of mankind, like malaria. Instead, overuse of DDT brought many species to the brink of extinction. The same can be said of the introduction of African bees in America, rabbits in Australia, as well as introduction of other plants and animals (sometimes as pets) to places where they were not indigenous.

All the above caused ecological havocs not envisioned by those who introduced them, sometimes with good intentions. Part of the problem is that there is just no way sometimes of knowing fully in advance the impact of new technologies. Today, we face the same dilemma with genetically manufactured organisms (GMOs). As a technology, GMOs has so much potential for good to help alleviate food scarcity; and yet, it may have unforseen dangers so far not anticipated with our existing knowledge and experience.

The internet today is at the same crossroad as nuclear power was in the 1940's. We will decide whether the internet will bring humanity good or it will become a "tyrant" -- depending on how we understand and use its power.




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