Civil Discourse

We would like to hear from you about topics covered here. Tell us what you agree and disagree with.

Criticism is "cheap" -- anyone who has a pen (or in this case a computer and internet connection) can do that. The more important question is, do you have an alternative? If you do not like something, then suggest a solution or create another page. If it conforms with the policies and goals of Treasures of the Internet, we shall incorporate your work in this page.

I am all for free speech and no censorship, but we have very limited disk space right now and do not have the manpower to serve as moderators. Thus, we will require registration for individuals who want to participate in the forum to ensure civil discourse.

I participated in various forums in the past, including those of the New York Times. At some point, I gave up because many participants do not how to behave a part of a "community" and participate in a more civil discourse.

Personally, I do not like postings that were just "afterthoughts" or were not carefully pondered by the writer as to its consequences. How will "one-liners" or even a "novella" of nothing but personal attacks of others contribute to the enlightenment of the readers?

Thus, while we do not expect you to have the wit of H.L. Mencken or the eloquence of R.M. Rilke, we expect you to summarize your criticism and then suggest a solution. Instead of posting it immediately, why don't you wait a day (longer is even better) and then see if your post makes sense -- then post it.

If you cannot abide by these rules, I can suggest other forums where you can spend all your time posting whatever you want to say. [They would love your post, because they are more interested in the statistics of the number of people visiting their pages.]

There will be a separate section on responses from readers [click on RR on the top of the figure to the right corner] where you can post constructive criticisms (text editing, new links and other ways on how to improve the page). Also, use this page if you wish to suggest other topics that you want to develop for this page.

The reader response and forum pages are not ready yet -- not so much because it is difficult to set up, but more for security reasons that we have to resolve. In other pages that I created in the past, some "spammers" sent "junk notes" to the "reader response" section.

We will notify you once we are equipped to accept responses with capability to filter junk notes.