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"... That if all vicious men are bound together and constitute a force, then all honorable men ought to do the same. ..."

"War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy

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Together, let us build a world based on love and trust -- where we help each other achieve our individual potentials; where the best in us will be our legacy. Let us create a world where we treat each other as human beings, not as mere consumers. -- CGC

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Navigating the Pages of Untitled Treasures of the Internet

If you came here through a search, or as a suggested link from other sites, and you do not see the " A-Z navigation links" at the very top of the Untitled Treasures of the Internet logo, click on the Untitled Treasures of the Internet logo or title so that a new browser window will appear with the " A-Z navigation links" and Untitled Treasures of the Internet logo. [ Untitled Treasures of the Internet is abbreviated also as "toti" in the A-Z navigation sites shown at the top of the logo of major subsites (see left navigation links).]

After the new Untitled Treasures of the Internet browser window appears, be sure to close the previous browser window and retain only the new browser window that will pop-out. Otherwise, if there is more than one Untitled Treasures of the Internet browser window open, when you click on another topic or subsite, it may appear as if nothing is loading or the computer is stucked . Actually, the new page may appear on the previous browser window (now covered by another one) without you noticing it.

The only exception to the above suggestion is a dictionary or glossary browser window -- which should be kept open when it pops out -- to allow you to look for the meaning of a technical term while browsing a specific topic on another window.

A-Z navigation links. The links in the main " A-Z navigation links", shown at the very top , include mainly the different subsections of Untitled Treasures of the Internet , as well as other subject matters not included as subtopics in the major subsites, shown on the left navigation links. [The contents of the main A-Z navigation links is currently being updated to incorporate many more files, since created.]

To facilitate your search and explore more specific subtopics of a subsite, each of the major sections shown on the left side, has its own A-Z navigation links -- preceded by the subsite name. If you do not see the A-Z navigation links for the major subsite, click on the icon of the subsite, shown on the left navigation links.

The A-Z navigation links for the subsite should appear just below the Untitled Treasures of the Internet logo -- it should not replace the main A-Z navigation links of Untitled Treasures of the Internet that always appear at the very top.

The above multiple A-Z navigation links are needed because the two sites containing the files of Untitled Treasures of the Internet has a total of about 40,000 files and images, as of April 2002. [The two sites are being integrated to improve hyperlinking of the various subsections of Untitled Treasures of the Internet as well as facilitate the ease of navigation.] The file size is expected to grow even faster, as we are able to recruit more volunteers to help us create specific subsites.

In the future, we shall add a "term search", for the contents of the website. [For your convenience, we have already integrated the "site search" of some databases that we want to feature in this website.] However, we believe that the multiple A-Z navigation links will not be displaced by such a "term search".

Logos, icons, maps and other links. Untitled Treasures of the Internet is an information archive or directory. The icons, logos, maps and other figures included in the webpage are included not mainly to decorate the page but more to serve as hyperlinking tools to allow you to move quite readily from one section of the webpage to another.

Note that the links in the introductory (text pages) may not be underlined but appear only as colored words. [When you pass through a link, you will see the arrow change to a "raised index finger" in Netscape 4.x, or dynamically change color when using Internet Explorer 5.]

Some of the figures included here ("world of dreams", "riverbed", cancer resources "leaf logo") were created by a friend, wkl. We are looking for other good designers to volunteer their services to create better logos and designs for specific sections. Please contact us if you are interested to do this.

Bookmarking or linking this website. To avoid confusion, bookmark, link and access other subsites of Untitled Treasures of the Internet only through its main URL http://treasuresoftheinternet.org/index.shtml. If you link or bookmark other subsections, there might be confusion when navigating other sections of Untitled Treasures of the Internet .

Except for the major subsites, the files of the other various subsites are rapidly expanding and their URLs may be changed, as they are subdivided or integrated with other sections.

Page size. The webpage was designed partly in anticipation of the rapid decrease of the cost of monitors. Thus, the webpage size was made just slightly larger than the width of an iMac screen; this should be about the size of corresponding PC screens and would be a normal webscreen page when the 17"-19" screens become more common.

We did this to present decent size "reductions" of some of the pictures and illustrations (of educational or aesthetic value) that we would want to feature in the various sections of this website.

Please note that many of the photographs or illustrations included here can be enlarged to the size found in the internet, if you click on them.

Browsers. The webpage of Untitled Treasures of the Internet was created using Netscape and an iMac computer. The layout used or some other features, for some reason, do not work well, when using the Internet Explorer (IE5), AOL browsers or Microsoft OS-based computers. Moreover, the quality of the pictures shown here seem to be less stunning in the latter browsers or or Microsoft OS-based computers.

Conversely, there are some features that work in IE5 that do not work in Netscape. The cause of the incompatibilities, especially of the cascading style sheet (CSS), are being addressed. At best therefore, choices have been made to strike a compromise among these various incompatibilities. With about 40,000 files (most of them text files), it will take time before we can edit the entire website.

If you are a wiz on webpage layout and design and can offer solution or improve the appearance of the webpage, kindly share your expertise. Untitled


      First Written: 19990104       Latest Update: 20060328 Untitled


Untitled Notes and Disclaimer: Please visit the Why this page? section in the Introduction of Treasures of the Internet to know more about our policies on privacy, general disclaimer and other pertinent information. You agree to be bound by the aforementioned policies and disclaimer if you go beyond the entry page of this website and will not hold us responsible for the consequences of what you do with the information gathered herein.



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Treasures of the Internet

Civil Discourse

We would like to hear from you about topics covered here. Tell us what you agree and disagree with.

Criticism is "cheap" -- anyone who has a pen (or in this case a computer and internet connection) can do that. The more important question is, do you have an alternative? If you do not like something, then suggest a solution or create another page. If it conforms with the policies and goals of Treasures of the Internet, we shall incorporate your work in this page.

I am all for free speech and no censorship, but we have very limited disk space right now and do not have the manpower to serve as moderators. Thus, we will require registration for individuals who want to participate in the forum to ensure civil discourse.

I participated in various forums in the past, including those of the New York Times. At some point, I gave up because many participants do not how to behave a part of a "community" and participate in a more civil discourse.

Personally, I do not like postings that were just "afterthoughts" or were not carefully pondered by the writer as to its consequences. How will "one-liners" or even a "novella" of nothing but personal attacks of others contribute to the enlightenment of the readers?

Thus, while we do not expect you to have the wit of H.L. Mencken or the eloquence of R.M. Rilke, we expect you to summarize your criticism and then suggest a solution. Instead of posting it immediately, why don't you wait a day (longer is even better) and then see if your post makes sense -- then post it.

If you cannot abide by these rules, I can suggest other forums where you can spend all your time posting whatever you want to say. [They would love your post, because they are more interested in the statistics of the number of people visiting their pages.]

There will be a separate section on responses from readers [click on RR on the top of the figure to the right corner] where you can post constructive criticisms (text editing, new links and other ways on how to improve the page). Also, use this page if you wish to suggest other topics that you want to develop for this page.

The reader response and forum pages are not ready yet -- not so much because it is difficult to set up, but more for security reasons that we have to resolve. In other pages that I created in the past, some "spammers" sent "junk notes" to the "reader response" section.

We will notify you once we are equipped to accept responses with capability to filter junk notes.


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