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Contact us: Friends of Treasures of the Internet

One of the goals of Untitled Treasures of the Internet is to foster the spirit of volunteerism among us, in an effort to make the world a better place to live in.
World of Dreams

Together, let us make our dreams come true. Let us build a world based on love and trust -- where we help each other achieve our individual potentials; and the best in us will be our legacy.

Whoever you are, whatever your age, and whatever you do, there are many ways that you can help realize the goals of Untitled Treasures of the Internet . Begin by reading the Untitled Why this page? section. The latter includes a page about "Friends of Treasures of the Internet", an informal group who are interested in realizing the dreams and aspirations of Untitled Treasures of the Internet . Become a member of this group; no annual dues -- just your willingness and desire to help others.

If you are interested to help improve any of the major sections, develop any specific topic, improve the visual appearance of the site through better design or appropriate photos, etc., please outline your ideas, include a brief synopsis about yourself and send a note to:
The goal is to develop a unified website that will help ease the navigation of visitors to various sites in the internet. Thus, unlike individual webpages created for megasites like Yahoo, Geocities, Tripod, etc.; your project, if mutually agreeable, will be integrated into an appropriate section of Untitled Treasures of the Internet . We hope that you shall continue to serve as one of the community leaders for the specific site.

If you have expertise in a specific field, and want to help make sure that the links are up-to-date, or want to include more links to the appropriate site (however please note our policy -- to be selective rather than comprehensive), kindly indicate your intention to serve as community leader for the section and write to:

If you like what we are trying to do and want to help defray the cost of this website please send a note to:
If you find error(s), dead link(s), etc.; please specify the following the following in your correspondence:
The above details are needed because there are already more than 40,000 files, and growing, in the Untitled Treasures of the Internet website.

If you just want to share with us what you think of the website, please send a note to:

Please make sure to reply to the appropriate email address, indicated above. [As a matter of policy, we automatically delete mails not forwarded to the proper address. It is one way of minimizing "bulk mail" sent by unwanted solicitors and advertisers. We would rather spend our time archiving and looking for more sites that are worth visiting.]

In case there are other types of correspondence that do not fall in any of the above categories, you may write (as a last resort only) to your host:

We do like to hear from our visitors. At the same times, please understand that we are a very small group right now, so we are unable to respond as promptly as we should or respond to all mail. However, we shall get back to you as soon as we can if your correspondence is sincere and a valid response to our invitation to help participate in developing this website.

While we hope eventually to get some sponsors -- duly acknowledged as indicated in the "sample" IBLAB logo -- this website shall remain non-commercial and be free of intrusive commercial adverstising prevalent in many sites.

Thus, because of the above intention, bear in mind that there will be no financial renumeration(s), now or in the future, for helping develop Untitled Treasures of the Internet . Also, just like the concept in such collaborative efforts like W3C, Linux, DMOZ, etc., any site contribution to the pages of Untitled Treasures of the Internet shall become "semi-public domain" -- the website shall retain joint copyright with the contributor, if original work is involved. [Please read more about our policies in the Untitled Why this page? section.]

In the future, we may apply for grant assistance from funding agencies, if you are interested in such endeavor and have the qualifications that will strengthen the application, we shall keep you in mind. The latter plan is one reason why we would like to know a bit more about you when you submit a project that you are interested to develop for Untitled Treasures of the Internet .

On behalf of "Friends of Treasures of the Internet", we thank you for taking the time to read more about our ideas and aspirations.

Creator and Host      
Treasures of the Internet      

[N.B. -- I was so busy developing this site, I had not had enough time to focus on developing a more personal site to introduce myself to those interested to know more about your host. A link to my initials will appear when it is ready. The current focus of Treasures of the Internet itself reflects my outside interests, as well as my academic training. I have other interests not included here and hope to incorporate them in the future, including the contents of another related site that I plan to integrate into the Treasures of the Internet webpage.]



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Untitled Notes and Disclaimer: Please visit the Why this page? section in the Introduction of Treasures of the Internet to know more about our policies on privacy, general disclaimer and other pertinent information. You agree to be bound by the aforementioned policies and disclaimer if you go beyond the entry page of this website and will not hold us responsible for the consequences of what you do with the information gathered herein.