Supporting diversity in book stores in our community and in the internet!

When we have more time or get more expert help (from artists, historians, educators, scientists, etc.), we shall have a recommended books section for specific authors or topics discussed here.

I have my own list of favorite books but one reason why I have not set this up yet is that I am unhappy with the "exclusive agreement" imposed by or barnes and nobles. This "exclusive agreement" is a "monopolistic strategy" that is contrary to some of the policies and goals being advocated by Treasures of the Internet.

I have bought books through and the actual stores of Barnes and Noble. But, I am concerned with some sales practices of that borders invasion of privacy -- reported in the New York Times. [I am less familiar with the internet practices of Barnes and Noble but I would not be surprised if they do the same.]

It is true that the big internet book stores may offer millions of choices -- but the big question is, which one of those books are best suited for your purpose. Even books of the same title are not the same. You are missing a lot, if all the bookstores you have been to are the 'Barnes and Nobles" clones. If you ever lived in Cambridge, MA or other cities with a diverse selection of book stores, you will understand why it is important that we must strive to maintain a diversity of books stores in a community. [I love to browse in used and antiquarian books stores.]

We would like to present you with alternative "internet book stores" ( and barnes and noble being just among the choices) including local book stores with internet capabilities and let you decide where to buy.

From a more practical point of view, think of it this way -- if or Barnes and Noble can provide a sales commission of 5-30% to an "internet book associate", why does it not just give you directly the savings? [That is $0.50 - $3.00 savings per $10.00 purchase.]

The commission provided to an "internet book associate" is one reason why, other internet bookstores sometimes can sell you a book much cheaper than either or Barnes and Noble.

We will keep you posted on this issue.