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Read Untitled Navigating Likas-Philippines for further explanations and use suggested browser and monitor settings for better viewing. Visit Untitled Diversity in Filipino Languages for a brief introduction about the languages of the Philippines; also the NIU Tagalog Dictionary.
Untitled Untitled Contents:
  1. t-syert, taal to taksi
  2. taksil to tanging
  3. tangka to tengang-daga
  4. tenis to tino
  5. tinta to tres
  6. triga to tumag
  7. tumal to tuyot
  • t-syert
    English: (noun) t-shirt

  • taal
    English: (adj) genuine; legitimate; native; inborn; innate

  • taas
    see taas1, taas2, taas3 & taas4

    • taas1
      English: (noun) height; altitude; superiority

    • taas2
      English: (adj) /ma--/ high; tall; superior

    • taas3
      Active Verb: tumaas
      English: went higher, to rise
      Examples: Tumaas na naman ang presyo ng bigas. [The price of rice went up again.] 

    • taas4
      Active Verb: magtaas
      Passive Verb: itaas
      English: (itaas) to raise, bring up
      Examples: Itaas mo. [(You) raise it up.] 

  • taba
    see taba1 & taba2

    • taba1
      English: (adj) /ma--/ stout; fat

    • taba2
      Active Verb: tumaba
      English: (tumaba) became stout or fat 

  • tabak
    English: (noun) cutlass
    Notes: Malay

  • tabako
    English: (noun) cigar

  • taban
    English: (noun) holder or support (so as to keep something in position)

  • tabang
    English: (adj) /ma--/ bland; tasteless; lacking in seasoning or spices

  • tabas
    see tabas1, tabas2 & tabas3

    • tabas1
      English: (noun) cut for a dress

    • tabas2
      Active Verb: tumabas
      English: (verb) to save up; to store; to keep away something for future use

    • tabas3
      Active Verb: magtabas
      Passive Verb: tabasin
      English: (verb) to stand beside; to stand aside; to get out of the way; to go to the side of

  • tabi
    see tabi1, tabi2, tabi3 & tabi4

    • tabi1
      English: (noun) side; brim; border

    • tabi2
      English: (adv) beside; by the side of

    • tabi3
      Active Verb: magtabi
      Passive Verb: itabi
      English: (verb) to shove violently with the elbow

    • tabi4
      Active Verb: tumabi
      English: (verb) to be or to become unsymmetrical; to become crooked, unbalanced

  • tabig
    Active Verb: manabig
    Passive Verb: tabigin
    English: (verb) to make unsymmetrical, to be unbalanced, to become slanted

  • tabike
    English: (noun) partition wall
    Notes: Spanish

  • tabil
    see tabil1 & tabil2

    • tabil1
      English: (noun) glibness of tongue; talkativeness

    • tabil2
      English: (adj) /ma--/ glib; talkative

  • tabing
    English: (noun) screen; covering screen; curtain

  • tabing-dagat
    English: (noun) beach; seashore

  • tabingi
    see tabingi1, tabingi2 & tabingi3

    • tabingi1
      English: (adj) not symmetrical; disproportional; unbalanced

    • tabingi2
      Active Verb: tumabingi

    • tabingi3
      Passive Verb: itabingi

  • tabla
    English: (noun) wood board; lumber

  • tableta
    English: (noun) tablet, pill (medicine)

  • tabo
    see tabo1, tabo2 & tabo3

    • tabo1
      English: (noun) a dipper; scoop; usually a coconut shell or an empty can

    • tabo2
      Active Verb: tumabo

    • tabo3
      Active Verb: magtabo
      Passive Verb: tabuhin
      English: 1) Magtaklob ka ng pagkain sa mesa. (You cover the food on the table.) 2) Itaklob mo ang plato sa pagkain. (Cover the food with the plate.)

  • tabon
    see tabon1, tabon2 & tabon3

    • tabon1
      Active Verb: magtabon
      Passive Verb: itabon [i-ta-bon]
      English: (itabon) to bury 

    • tabon2
      Passive Verb: tabunan
      English: (verb) to be frightened; to be scared; to be afraid

    • tabon3
      Passive Verb: matabunan
      English:  (matabunan) to be buried or covered

  • taboy
    see taboy1 & taboy2

    • taboy1
      English: (noun) statement, admonition or shout given to urge or drive a person to go away, leave, or do something that should be done right away or earlier

    • taboy2
      Active Verb: magtaboy
      Passive Verb: itaboy

  • tadhana [tad-ha-na]
    English: (noun) nature; fate

  • tadtad
    Active Verb: magtadtad
    Passive Verb: tadtarin
    English: (verb) to defecate; to have a bowel movement

  • tadyak
    see tadyak1 & tadyak2

    • tadyak1
      Active Verb: tumadyak
      English: (verb) to have diarrhea

    • tadyak2
      Active Verb: manadyak
      Passive Verb: tadyakan
      English: (verb) to kick

  • tadyang
    English: (noun) ribs; spareribs

  • tae
    see tae1, tae2 & tae3

    • tae1
      English: (noun) excreta

    • tae2
      Active Verb: tumae
      English: (verb) to hack with a cutting instrument

    • tae3
      Active Verb: magtae
      English: (verb) to endure; to withstand

  • tag-ulan
    English: (noun) rainy or wet season

  • taga
    see taga1 & taga2

    • taga1
      Active Verb: managa
      Passive Verb: tagain
      English: (verb) to take a long time; to stay long

    • taga2
      English: (affix) a noun-forming prefix meaning 'native of' or 'coming from'; with verb roots, it means 'regular performer of'

  • taga-saan
    English: (int) from where

  • taga-tanggap
    English: (noun) receiver

  • tagaktak
    English: see tagaktak1 see tagaktak2

  • tagaktak1
    English: (noun) rapid dropping (of tears or sweat)

  • tagal [ ta-gal]
    see tagal1, tagal2 & tagal3

    • tagal1
      English: (adj) /ma--/ late; taking a long time; for a long period of time

    • tagal2
      Active Verb: tumagal
      English: (verb) to tilt; to slant

    • tagal3
      Active Verb: magtagal [mag-ta-gal]
      English: (magtagal) to stay longer, to stay awhile

  • taghoy
    English: (noun) lament; lamentation

  • tagihawat [ta-gi-ha-wat]
    English: (noun) pimple

  • tagiktik [ta-gik-tik]
    English: (noun) light sound of consecutive drops; ticking of clocks and watches

  • tagilid [ta-gi-lid]
    see tagilid1 & tagilid2

    • tagilid1
      Active Verb: tumagilid [tu-ma-gi-lid]
      English: (tumagilid) became inclined 

    • tagilid2
      Active Verb: magtagilid
      Passive Verb: itagilid
      English: (itagilid) to incline

  • tagiliran [ta-gi-li-ran]
    English: (noun) side

  • taglamig
    English: (noun) (rw. LAMIG) cold season; winter

  • taglay
    Active Verb: magtaglay
    Passive Verb: taglayin
    English: (verb) to bear; to possess; to have as part of one's character

  • tago
    Active Verb: Magtago
    Passive Verb: itago
    English: (itago) to hide.
    Examples: Magtago ka. [(You) hide.] Itago mo. [(You) hide it.] Itinago mo na ba? [Did you hide it already?] Nakatago na.[It is already hidden.]

  • tagos
    Active Verb: tumagos
    Passive Verb: tagusan

  • tagpi
    English: (noun) patch; patching (of cloth) to cover a tear or break

  • tagpo
    Active Verb: magtagpo
    Passive Verb: tagpuin

  • tagumpay
    see tagumpay1 & tagumpay2

    • tagumpay1
      English: (noun) victory

    • tagumpay2
      Active Verb: magtagumpay
      English: (verb) to win
      L2 Definition: (verb) to cease or stop crying

  • tahan
    Active Verb: tumahan
    English: (adj) calm, silent; (verb) to calm down, e.g., from crying

  • tahanan [ta-ha-nan]
    English: (noun) home

  • tahi
    see tahi1 & tahi2

    • tahi1
      Active Verb: tumahi
      English: (verb) to sew

    • tahi2
      Active Verb: manahi
      Passive Verb: tahiin
      English: (verb) to sew

  • tahimik
    English: (adj) quiet; peaceful; tranquil

  • tahip
    see tahip1, tahip2 & tahip3

    • tahip1
      English: (noun) the up and down movement of rice grains being winnowed on a flat basket; rapid palpitation or throbbing (of heartbeat)

    • tahip2
      Active Verb: tumahip

    • tahip3
      Active Verb: magtahip

  • taho
    English: (noun) Chinese mongo bean jelly or meal with syrup; bean curd
    See a picture

  • tahol
    Active Verb: tumahol
    English: (verb) to bark

  • tahong
    English: (noun) saltwater mussel; a species of clam

  • tahuri
    English: (noun) fermented salted soybean curd
    Notes: Chinese

  • taimtim
    English: (adj) /ma--/ sincere

  • tainga
    English: (noun) ear

  • takal
    see takal1 & takal2

    • takal1
      Active Verb: tumakal

    • takal2
      Active Verb: magtakal
      Passive Verb: takalin
      English: (verb) to measure

  • takalan
    English: (noun) (rw. TAKAL) a measure

  • takas
    see takas1 & takas2

    • takas1
      Active Verb: tumakas [ tu-ma-kas]
      English: to escape, to bring out of forced confinement
      (tumakas) escaped 

    • takas2
      Active Verb: magtakas
      Passive Verb: itakas
      English: to escape, to bring out of forced confinement 

  • takaw
    English: (adj) /ma--/ greedy; voracious; gluttonous

  • takbo
    see takbo1 & takbo2

    • takbo1
      Active Verb: tumakbo
      English: (verb) to run

    • takbo2
      Active Verb: magtakbo
      Passive Verb: itakbo

  • takda
    English: (noun) limitation, determination, or fixing of time; provision (of rule, ordinance, or law)

  • takilya
    English: (noun) ticket booth; ticket office
    Notes: Spanish

  • takilyera
    English: (noun) ticket girl (in theatres)

  • takip
    see takip1 & takip2

    • takip1
      English: (noun) cover

    • takip2
      Active Verb: magtakip
      Passive Verb: takpan
      English: (verb) to cover

  • takipsilim
    English: (noun) twilight; sunset
    See a picture

  • taklob
    see taklob1 & taklob2

    • taklob1
      Active Verb: magtaklob
      Passive Verb: itaklob
      English: (verb) to cover, usually provided with overlapping sides; to put one side over on the other as in a sandwich

    • taklob2
      Passive Verb: takluban
      English: Tumalikod siya sa kanyang pangako. (He turned his back on his promises.)

  • takong
    English: (noun) shoe or boot heel

  • takot
    see takot1, takot2, takot3 & takot4

    • takot1
      English: (noun) fear; fright

    • takot2
      English: (adj) /nakaka--/ frightening; formidable

    • takot3
      Passive Verb: matakot

    • takot4
      Passive Verb: takutin

  • taksi
    English: (noun) taxi; cab

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