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Read Untitled Navigating Likas-Philippines for further explanations and use suggested browser and monitor settings for better viewing. Visit Untitled Diversity in Filipino Languages for a brief introduction about the languages of the Philippines; also the NIU Tagalog Dictionary.
Untitled Untitled Contents:
  1. t-syert, taal to taksi
  2. taksil to tanging
  3. tangka to tengang-daga
  4. tenis to tino
  5. tinta to tres
  6. triga to tumag
  7. tumal to tuyot
  • tumal
    see tumal1 & tumal2

    • tumal1
      English: (noun) slowness or dullness (in sales or market activity)

    • tumal2
      English: (adj) /ma--/ slow in sales

  • tumana
    English: (noun) wide level highland (above water lavel)

  • tumba
    see tumba1 & tumba2

    • tumba1
      Active Verb: tumumba
      English: (verb) to fall down; to topple; to tumble
      Examples: Tumumba ang puno sa harap ng bahay. (The tree fell infront of the house.)

    • tumba2
      Active Verb: magtumba
      Passive Verb: itumba
      English: (verb) to cause something to tumble or be overturned; to push over
      Examples: 1) Magtumba ka ng punong-kahoy. (You push over the tree.) 2) Itumba mo ang timba ng tubig. (Turn over the pail of water.)

  • tumbalik
    English: (adj) inverted; upside down; reverse

  • tumbas
    see tumbas1 & tumbas2

    • tumbas1
      English: (adj) /ka--/ equal

    • tumbas2
      Active Verb: tumumbas
      Passive Verb: tumbasan
      English: (verb) to equal; to counterbalance; to match
      Examples: 1) Tumumbas ang kanyang donation sa aming kahilingan. (Her donation matched our request.) 2) Tumbasan natin ang donasyon nila. (Let's match their donation.)

  • tumbok
    see tumbok1 & tumbok2

    • tumbok1
      English: (adj) right smack on (center or near center), e.g. a bull'seye hit

    • tumbok2
      Passive Verb: matumbok
      English: (verb) to be hit

  • tumbong
    English: (noun) rectum

  • tumor
    English: (noun) tumor
    Notes: Spanish

  • tumpak
    English: (adj) correct; right; proper

  • tumpok
    see tumpok1 & tumpok2

    • tumpok1
      English: (noun) a heap; a pile, usually serving as a unit of measure for tomatoes, garlic, shrimps, etc.

    • tumpok2
      Active Verb: magtumpok
      Passive Verb: itumpok
      English: (verb) to make a heap or pile; to pile up

  • tunaw
    see tunaw1, tunaw2 & tunaw3

    • tunaw1
      English: (adj) melted; liquefied

    • tunaw2
      Passive Verb: matunaw
      English: (verb) to melt

    • tunaw3
      Active Verb: magtunaw
      Passive Verb: tunawin
      English: (verb) to melt; to dissolve; to digest

  • tunay
    English: (adj) genuine; true; real

  • tunganga [tu-nga-nga]
    English: (adj) /naka--/ open-mouthed, as when one is curious or surprised

  • tungga [tung-ga]
    Active Verb: tumungga
    Passive Verb: tunggain
    English: (verb) to drink in gulps (as wine)

  • tunggak
    English: (adj) doltish

  • tungkod
    see tungkod1 & tungkod2

    • tungkod1
      English: (noun) cane; a walking stick; a staff

    • tungkod2
      Active Verb: magtungkod
      Passive Verb: itungkod
      English: (verb) to walk with a cane

  • tungkol
    English: (prep) (used with SA) regarding; about; referring to; concerning

  • tungkos
    English: (noun) something wrapped, especially in cloth or leaves; bouquet (of flowers); bundle (of leaves, sticks, vegetables)

  • tungkulin
    English: (noun) duty; obligation

  • tungo
    see tungo1, tungo2 & tungo3

    • tungo1
      Active Verb: tumungo
      English: (verb) to go to

    • tungo2
      Active Verb: magtungo
      English: (verb) to go

    • tungo3
      Active Verb: tumango
      Passive Verb: itungo
      English: (verb) to bow (one's head)

  • tunog
    see tunog1 & tunog2

    • tunog1
      English: (noun) sound; noise

    • tunog2
      English: (adj) resounding; alert

  • tunsoy
    English: (noun) adult fimbriated herring

  • tuntong
    see tuntong1 & tuntong2

    • tuntong1
      English: (noun) pot cover made of clay

    • tuntong2
      Active Verb: tumuntong
      English: (verb) to step on; to tread on

  • tuos
    Active Verb: magtuos
    Passive Verb: tuusin
    English: (verb) to make an accounting of; to settle differences

  • tupa
    English: (noun) sheep

  • tupad
    Active Verb: tumupad
    Passive Verb: tuparin
    English: (verb) to comply with; to accomplish what is required or agreed upon

  • tupada
    English: (noun) picnic; illegal cockfighting

  • tupi
    English: (noun) fold; plait

  • tupok
    English: (adj) completely burned; burnt to ashes

  • turero
    English: Filipino slang (noun) a macho dancer; a male hired for live sex shows
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) makisig na mananayaw

  • turing
    Passive Verb: ituring
    English: (noun) treatment, attitude (verb) to treat someone in a certain way, usually with respect and natural affection
    Examples: Ituring mong tunay na anak ang iyong ampon. (Treat your adopted child as though he was your own.)

  • turista
    English: (noun) tourist
    Notes: Spanish

  • turnilyo
    English: (noun) screw
    Notes: Spanish

  • turno
    English: (noun) turn; alternation
    Notes: Spanish

  • turo
    Active Verb: magturo
    Passive Verb: ituro
    English: (verb) to teach; to point to; to point at

  • turok
    English: see turok1 see turok2

    • turok1
      Active Verb: magturok
      Passive Verb: turukan
      English: (verb) to be pierced by a pointed instrument (e.g. pin, needle, etc.)

    • turok2
      Active Verb: magturok
      Passive Verb: iturok
      English: (verb) to pierce (with a needle); to give hypodermic injection

  • turon
    English: (noun) appetizer or dessert fritters in LUMPIYA (egg roll) wrapper
    Notes: Spanish

  • turumpo
    English: (noun) toy top
    See a picture

  • tusino
    English: (noun) bacon

  • tuso
    English: (adj) shrewd; astute; cunning

  • tusok
    English: (noun) the act of piercing or perforating with a pointed object Filipino slang (verb) to stab, or to have been stabbed
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) saksak, nasaksak
    Notes: Malay

  • tustado
    English: (adj) toasted

  • tustos
    Active Verb: magtustos
    Passive Verb: itustos
    English: (verb) to support financially, e.g. sending someone to school; to give some kind of allowance or pension; to provide someone with regular support

  • tuta
    English: (noun) puppy

  • tuto
    Active Verb: matuto
    English: (verb) to learn; to become skillful

  • tutok
    see tutok1 & tutok2

    • tutok1
      English: (noun) direction of a point or end of a weapon

    • tutok2
      Passive Verb: tutukan
      English: (verb) to stick up (as in a holdup) Filipino slang (verb) to attempt, to try, to challenge, to dare
      L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) subukan

  • tutol
    see tutol1 & tutol2

    • tutol1
      English: (noun) objection; protest
      Notes: Malay

    • tutol2
      Active Verb: tumutol
      English: (verb) to object; to protest; to disagree

  • tutong
    English: (noun) burnt rice sticking to the bottom of the pot

  • tutsang
    English: (noun) short hair on a woman's head
    Notes: Chinese

  • tutubi
    English: (noun) dragonfly

  • tutuli
    English: (noun) ear wax

  • tutyal
    English: Filipino slang (adj) pretentious; whiner
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) maarte

  • tuwa
    see tuwa1 & tuwa2

    • tuwa1
      English: (noun) joy; pleasure; gladness

    • tuwa2
      English: (adj) /ma--/ to become glad; to be pleased; to be joyful; to be amused

  • tuwalya
    English: (noun) towel

  • tuwi
    see tuwi1 & tuwi2

    • tuwi1
      English: (adv) every; each time; always

    • tuwi2
      English: (conj) (used with NG) whenever; every time

  • tuwid
    see tuwid1, tuwid2, tuwid3 & tuwid4

    • tuwid1
      English: (adj) /ma--/ straight; direct; correct; to the point

    • tuwid2
      Active Verb: tumuwid
      English: (verb) to become straight; to straighten out

    • tuwid3
      Active Verb: magtuwid
      Passive Verb: tuwirin
      English: (verb) to straighten; to straighten out

    • tuwid4
      Passive Verb: ituwid
      English: (verb) to straighten; to straighten out

  • tuwing
    English: (adverb) every time, every now and then

  • tuya
    see tuya1 & tuya2
    • tuya1
      Active Verb: manuya
      Passive Verb: tuyain
      English: (verb) to be sarcastic or ironical
    • tuya2
      Passive Verb: tuyain
      English: (verb) to ridicule

  • tuyo
    see tuyo1, tuyo2, tuyo3 & tuyo4

    • tuyo1
      English: (noun) dried herring or fish

    • tuyo2
      English: (adj) dry; dehydrated; dried

    • tuyo3
      Passive Verb: matuyo
      English: (verb) to dry

    • tuyo4
      Active Verb: magtuyo
      Passive Verb: tuyuin
      English: (verb) to dry up

  • tuyot
    English: (adj) extremely dry

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