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Read Untitled Navigating Likas-Philippines for further explanations and use suggested browser and monitor settings for better viewing. Visit Untitled Diversity in Filipino Languages for a brief introduction about the languages of the Philippines; also the NIU Tagalog Dictionary.
Untitled Untitled Contents:
  1. t-syert, taal to taksi
  2. taksil to tanging
  3. tangka to tengang-daga
  4. tenis to tino
  5. tinta to tres
  6. triga to tumag
  7. tumal to tuyot
  • tinta
    English: (noun) ink

  • tintura
    English: (noun) tincture
    Notes: Spanish

  • tinyente
    English: (noun) lieutenant

  • tipak
    see tipak1 & tipak2

    • tipak1
      Active Verb: tumipak
      English: (verb) to hit; to win a fortune

    • tipak2
      Active Verb: magtipak
      Passive Verb: tipakin
      English: (verb) to chop off a piece or portion of matter

  • tipaklong [ ti-pak-long]
    English: (noun) species of grasshopper

  • tipid [ti-pid]
    see tipid1 & tipid2

    • tipid1
      English: (adj) /ma--/ economical; thrifty; frugal

    • tipid2
      Active Verb: magtipid
      Passive Verb: tipirin
      English: (verb) to use economically; to be thrifty

  • tipon
    Active Verb: magtipon
    Passive Verb: tipunin
    English: (verb) to collect; to gather together; to store away

  • tira
    see tira1, tira2, tira3 & tira4

    • tira1
      English: (adj) /naka--/ staying at; residing in

    • tira2
      English: (noun) leftover; remainder

    • tira3
      Active Verb: tumira
      English: (verb) to reside; to dwell

    • tira4
      Active Verb: magtira
      Passive Verb: itira
      English: (verb) to set aside, as food, for someone

  • tirador
    English: (noun) y-slingshot
    Notes: Spanish

  • tirante
    English: (noun) suspenders; reins
    Notes: Spanish

  • tirik
    see tirik1 & tirik2

    • tirik1
      Active Verb: tumirik
      English: (verb) to look straight upward, as in a state of delirium

    • tirik2
      Active Verb: magtirik
      Passive Verb: itirik
      English: (verb) to set upright (as candles)

  • tirintas
    English: (noun) braid; pigtail
    L2 Definition: (var) TRINTAS
    Notes: Spanish

  • tiris
    English: (noun) the act of crushing (e.g. lice) between thumbnails
    Notes: Spanish

  • tisa
    English: (noun) roof tile; chalk
    Notes: Spanish

  • tisis
    English: (noun) tuberculosis
    Notes: Spanish

  • titi
    English: (noun) penis

  • titig
    Active Verb: tumitig
    English: (verb) to stare at

  • titik
    English: (noun) letter of alphabet or ABAKADA; writing; handwriting; penmanship

  • titser
    English: (noun) teacher
    L2 Definition: (syn) GURO, MAESTRA, MAESTRO

  • titulo
    English: (noun) title; degree (academic); title for land ownership

  • tiwa
    English: (noun) intestinal worm

  • tiwakal
    Active Verb: magpatiwakal
    English: (verb) to commit suicide

  • tiwala
    see tiwala1 & tiwala2

    • tiwala1
      English: (noun) trust; faith; hope

    • tiwala2
      Active Verb: magtiwala
      English: (verb) to have trust or confidence in someone

  • tiwalag
    see tiwalag1 & tiwalag2

    • tiwalag1
      Active Verb: tumiwalag
      English: (verb) to separate; to resign from

    • tiwalag2
      Active Verb: magtiwalag
      Passive Verb: itiwalag
      English: (verb) to dismiss; to expel; to remove from

  • tiwangwang [ti-wang-wang]
    English: (adj) /naka--/ widely open; totally exposed (to wind and sun)

  • tiwarik
    English: (adj) upside down; head down, feet up

  • tiwasay
    English: (adj) tranquil

  • tiwup
    English: Filipino slang for butt, ass; from Filipino PUWIT (syn) WEPAKS
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) puwit (syn) WEPAKS

  • tiya
    English: (noun) aunt
    Notes: term of address and reference

  • tiyaga
    English: (adj) /ma--/ constant; patient; persevering

  • tiyak
    English: (adj) specific; direct; to the point

  • tiyan
    English: (noun) stomach; belly

  • tiyani
    English: (noun) tweezer

  • tiyempo [ti-yem-po]
    see tiyempo1 & tiyempo2

    • tiyempo1
      English: (noun) timing; cadence; rhythm (especially in music)
      Notes: Spanish

  • tiyo
    English: (noun) uncle
    Notes: term of address and reference

  • todo
    English: (adj) all
    Notes: Spanish

  • toga
    English: (noun) academic gown; judicial robe; cap and gown (for graduation)
    Notes: Spanish

  • toge
    English: (noun) bean sprout; mongo shoot

  • tokador
    English: (noun) ladies dressing table with large mirror; a dresser
    Notes: Spanish

  • tokayo
    English: (noun) namesake; person having the same first name as one's self
    L2 Definition: (var) TUKAYO
    Notes: Spanish

  • tokwa
    English: (noun) pressed soybean curd
    Notes: Chinese

  • tolda
    English: (noun) canvas (cloth); tent

  • toma
    English: Filipino slang for drinking alcoholic beverages
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) pagiinuman ng nakakalasing na inumin

  • tomahawk
    English: Filipino slang for a certain type of haircut
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) isang klase ng gupit

  • tonguts
    English: Filipino slang for nipples
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) utong

  • tonsil
    English: (noun) tonsil
    Notes: Latin

  • topak
    English: Filipino slang for someone with temperament problems
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) sumpungin

  • topograpiya
    English: (noun) topography
    Notes: Spanish

  • tornilyo
    English: (noun) screw
    Notes: Spanish

  • torpe
    English: (adj) dull; stupid
    Notes: Spanish

  • torta
    English: (noun) omelet
    Notes: Spanish

  • totoo [ to-to-o]
    English: (adj) true; as an expression, it means 'Honestly? Really?'
    L2 Definition: (syn) TALAGA; SIYANGA

  • totoy
    English: (noun) appellation for a small boy

  • totso
    English: (noun) sauteed fish with TAHURI (soy bean curd)
    Notes: Chinese

  • toxic
    English: Filipino slang for busy with so many work
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) maraming trabaho

  • toyo
    English: (noun) soy sauce Filipino slang for someone with temperament problem
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) sumpong

  • trabaho [tra-ba-ho]
    see trabaho1 & trabaho2

    • trabaho1
      English: (noun) work; job; occupation

    • trabaho2
      Active Verb: magtrabaho
      Passive Verb: trabahuin
      English: (verb) to work

  • trahe
    English: (noun) suit of clothes
    Notes: Spanish

  • trak
    English: (noun) truck
    L2 Definition: (var) TARAK

  • traktor
    English: (noun) tractor
    Notes: English

  • trangkaso [trang-ka-so]
    English: (noun) grippe; influenza
    Notes: Spanish

  • transistor
    English: (noun) transistor radio
    Notes: English

  • transper
    English: (noun) transfer
    Notes: English

  • trapo
    English: (noun) cleaning rag; rag
    Notes: Spanish

  • trato [ tra-to]
    English: (noun) agreement; contract
    Notes: Spanish

  • trayanggulo [tra-yang-gu-lo]
    English: (adj) triangular
    Notes: Spanish

  • traysikle
    English: (noun) tricycle; pedicab
    L2 Definition: (syn) PEDIKAB
    Notes: English

  • treinta
    English: (num) thirty
    L2 Definition: (var) TRENTA
    Notes: Spanish

  • tren
    English: (noun) train

  • tres
    English: (num) three
    Notes: Spanish

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