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Read Untitled Navigating Likas-Philippines for further explanations and use suggested browser and monitor settings for better viewing. Visit Untitled Diversity in Filipino Languages for a brief introduction about the languages of the Philippines; also the NIU Tagalog Dictionary.
Untitled Untitled Contents:
  1. t-syert, taal to taksi
  2. taksil to tanging
  3. tangka to tengang-daga
  4. tenis to tino
  5. tinta to tres
  6. triga to tumag
  7. tumal to tuyot
  • tangka
    Active Verb: magtangka
    Passive Verb: tangkain
    English: (verb) to premeditate; to plan; to intend

  • tangkad
    English: (adj) /ma--/ tall and slender of stature

  • tangkal
    English: (noun) cage for chickens

  • tangke
    English: (noun) tank

  • tango
    Active Verb: tumango
    Passive Verb: itango
    English: (verb) to nod; to say yes

  • tangos
    see tangos1, tangos2 & tangos3

    • tangos1
      English: (noun) (Geog) cape; promontory; peninsula

    • tangos2
      English: (noun) prominence (physically, as of nose or forehead); high-bridged nose

    • tangos3
      English: (adj) /ma--/ high-bridged (nose)

  • tanikala
    English: (noun) chain

  • tanim
    see tanim1 & tanim2

    • tanim1
      English: (noun) plant

    • tanim2
      Active Verb: magtanim
      Passive Verb: itanim
      English: (verb) to plant

  • taning
    see taning1 & taning2

    • taning1
      English: (noun) a time limit

  • tanong
    see tanong1, tanong2 & tanong3

    • tanong1
      English: (noun) a question

    • tanong2
      Active Verb: magtanong
      Passive Verb: tanungin
      English: (verb) to ask; to question; to inquire

    • tanong3
      Passive Verb: itanong
      English: (verb) to ask; to question; to inquire

  • tanso
    English: (noun) copper

  • tanto
    English: (adj) realized

  • tanyag
    English: (adj) popular; known; famous

  • tao
    English: (noun) person

  • Tao po!
    English: a phrase used by a caller to announce his presence at the entrance of a home; literally, 'Someone is here.'

  • taob
    see taob1 & taob2

    • taob1
      Active Verb: tumaob
      English: (verb) to capsize; to lay face down; to overturn

    • taob2
      Active Verb: magtaob
      Passive Verb: itaob
      English: (verb) to capsize; to lay face down; to overturn

  • taon
    English: (noun) year

  • taong
    English: (noun) the volume capacity of a kerosene can (approximately five gallons)

  • taong-bahay
    English: (noun) housekeeper; housewife

  • tapa
    English: (noun) jerked beef or pork; dried meat

  • tapak
    see tapak1 & tapak2

    • tapak1
      Active Verb: tumapak
      Passive Verb: tapakan
      English: (verb) to tread on; to lay the foot on; to step on

    • tapak2
      Active Verb: magtapak
      English: (verb) to go barefoot

  • tapal
    Active Verb: magtapal
    Passive Verb: itapal
    English: (verb) to patch; to apply on

  • tapang
    English: (adj) /ma--/ brave; courageous

  • tapat
    see tapat1, tapat2, tapat3, tapat4, tapat5 & tapat6

    • tapat1
      English: (noun) the place in front; that which is across

    • tapat2
      English: (adv) in front of

    • tapat3
      Active Verb: tumapat
      English: (verb) to stand in front of

    • tapat4
      Passive Verb: itapat
      English: (verb) to put directly in front of

    • tapat5
      Active Verb: magtapat
      English: (verb) to tell the truth; to be frank, sincere, honest

    • tapat6
      English: (adj) /ma--/ honest; truthful; sincere; loyal

  • tapayan
    English: (noun) a large earthen jar for water storage
    See a picture

  • tapete
    English: (noun) tablecloth

  • tapi
    see tapi1 & tapi2

    • tapi1
      English: (noun) a piece of cloth usually wrapped around the body or wrapped from the waist down

    • tapi2
      Active Verb: magtapi
      Passive Verb: itapi
      English: (verb) to wrap a piece of cloth around the body

  • tapiyoka
    English: (noun) tapioca

  • tapon
    see tapon1 & tapon2

    • tapon1
      Active Verb: tumapon
      English: (verb) to be spilled

    • tapon2
      Active Verb: magtapon
      Passive Verb: itapon
      English: (verb) to throw away; to cart aside something

  • tapos
    see tapos1, tapos2, tapos3 & tapos4

    • tapos1
      English: (noun) ending; conclusion

    • tapos2
      English: (adv) afterwards

    • tapos3
      Active Verb: magtapos
      English: (verb) to graduate

    • tapos4
      Passive Verb: tapusin
      English: (verb) to finish

  • tapwe
    English: Filipino slang for fifty pesos (Philippine currency)
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) limampung piso

  • tapyas
    see tapyas1 & tapyas2

    • tapyas1
      English: (noun) facet (as on a cut gem) resulting from chipping or shaping

    • tapyas2
      English: (adj) chipped; trimmed

  • tarabaho
    English: (noun) work
    L2 Definition: (var) TRABAHO

  • tarak
    see tarak1, tarak2, tarak3 & tarak4

    • tarak1
      English: (noun) knife or dagger sticking out with sharp end embedded

    • tarak2
      English: (adj) /naka--/ plunged in (as a dagger)

    • tarak3
      Passive Verb: itarak
      English: (verb) to stab with (a knife or dagger)

    • tarak4
      Passive Verb: tarakan
      English: (verb) to stab (someone) with a knife or dagger

  • tarang
    English: (noun) stamping of feet (in pain or anger)

  • tarangka
    English: (noun) bar or closing-peg across a door or window
    L2 Definition: (var) TRANGKA
    Notes: Spanish

  • tarantado
    English: (adj) a person with misdirected acts
    Notes: Spanish

  • tarheta
    English: (noun) calling or visiting card
    Notes: Spanish

  • tartanilya
    English: (noun) round-top two-wheeled, horse-drawn carriage
    Notes: Spanish

  • tasa
    English: (noun) cup

  • tassel
    English: Filipino slang for spouse (syn) UMI, WATIWAT, WISWAS, YUKUSA, WASWIT, JOWA
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) asawa (syn) UMI, WATIWAT, WISWAS, YUKUSA, WASWIT, JOWA

  • tastas
    see tastas1 & tastas2

    • tastas1
      English: (adj) unstitched; detached; ripped

    • tastas2
      Active Verb: magtastas
      Passive Verb: tastasin
      English: (verb) to rip what has been sewn

  • tatag
    Active Verb: magtatag
    Passive Verb: itatag
    English: (verb) to found; to establish; to organize

  • tatak
    English: (noun) imprint; stamp; seal; mark; trademark

  • tatas
    English: (adj) /ma--/ fluent

  • tatay
    English: (noun) father
    Notes: term of address and reference

  • tatlo
    English: (num) three

  • tatsulok
    English: (noun) triangle

  • tatu
    English: (noun) tattoo
    L2 Definition: (var) TATO
    Notes: English

  • taw omega
    English: Filipino slang for a person with many skin allergies or marks
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) taong maraming galis at peklat

  • tawa
    see tawa1 & tawa2

    • tawa1
      Active Verb: tumawa
      English: (verb) to laugh

    • tawa2
      Active Verb: magtawa
      English: (verb) to laugh continuously

  • tawad
    see tawad1, tawad2, tawad3 & tawad4

    • tawad1
      English: (noun) a discount; a reduction in price

    • tawad2
      Active Verb: tumawad
      Passive Verb: tawaran
      English: (verb) to bargain; to ask for a discount

    • tawad3
      Passive Verb: tawarin
      English: (verb) to bargain; to ask for a discount

    • tawad4
      Passive Verb: itawad
      English: (verb) to bargain; to ask for a discount

  • tawag
    see tawag1 & tawag2

    • tawag1
      Active Verb: tumawag
      Passive Verb: tawagin
      English: (verb) to call

    • tawag2
      Active Verb: magtawag
      English: (verb) to call

  • tawas
    English: (noun) alum

  • tawid
    see tawid1, tawid2 & tawid3

    • tawid1
      English: (noun) crossing; the act of crossing or going across (a street, river, or stretch of country)

    • tawid2
      Active Verb: tumawid
      Passive Verb: tawirin
      English: (verb) to cross, as a street or a river

    • tawid3
      Active Verb: magtawid
      Passive Verb: itawid
      English: (verb) to take across; to help someone cross the street

  • tawsi
    English: (noun) beans preserved in soy sauce

  • taya
    see taya1, taya2 & taya3

    • taya1
      English: (noun) the 'it' in a game

    • taya2
      Active Verb: tumaya
      English: (verb) to wager; to bet on

    • taya3
      Active Verb: magtaya
      Passive Verb: itaya
      English: (verb) to wager; to bet

  • tayo
    see tayo1, tayo2 & tayo3

    • tayo1
      Active Verb: tumayo
      English: (verb) to stand; to build; to let stand

    • tayo2
      Active Verb: magtayo
      Passive Verb: itayo
      English: (verb) to stand; to construct; to build; to let stand

    • tayo3
      English: (pron) we (inclusive); you and I; you, I, and others

  • tayog
    English: (adj) /ma--/ high (altitude or elevation)

  • taypis
    English: (noun) typist
    Notes: English

  • tefelone
    English: Filipino slang for telephone
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) telepono

  • teka
    English: (part) an expression which means 'just a minute' or 'by the way'
    Notes: derived from HINTAY KA

  • tela
    English: (noun) cloth; clothing material

  • telebisyon
    English: (noun) television; a television set

  • telegrama
    English: (noun) telegram; cable

  • telepono
    English: (noun) telephone

  • temperatura
    English: (noun) temperature

  • tena
    English: (part) an expression which means, 'let's go' or 'come on'
    Notes: a contraction of TAYO NA

  • tenga
    English: (noun) ear
    Notes: originally pronounced TAINGA or TAYNGA

  • tengang-daga
    English: (noun) dried black mushroom

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