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Read Untitled Navigating Likas-Philippines for further explanations and use suggested browser and monitor settings for better viewing. Visit Untitled Diversity in Filipino Languages for a brief introduction about the languages of the Philippines; also the NIU Tagalog Dictionary.
Untitled Untitled Contents:
  1. t-syert, taal to taksi
  2. taksil to tanging
  3. tangka to tengang-daga
  4. tenis to tino
  5. tinta to tres
  6. triga to tumag
  7. tumal to tuyot
  • taksil
    English: (adj) treacherous; unfaithful

  • takwil
    Active Verb: magtakwil
    Passive Verb: itakwil
    English: (itakwil) to disown

  • tala
    English: (noun) bright star

  • talab
    Active Verb: tumalab
    English: (verb) to cut through; to be effective (e.g. medicine, instruction, etc.)

  • talaba
    English: (noun) oyster

  • talaga
    English: (adv) truly; really; honestly
    L2 Definition: (syn) SIYANGA

  • talahib
    English: (noun) a species of tall grass

  • talakitok
    English: (noun) cavalla; a species of fish

  • talampakan
    English: (noun) sole of foot; a foot length
    L2 Definition: (syn) PIYE

  • talangka
    English: (noun) small crab

  • talas
    English: (adj) /ma--/ sharp; acute

  • tali
    see tali1 & tali2

    • tali1
      English: (noun) (qnt) a bundle (tied with string)

    • tali2
      Active Verb: magtali
      Passive Verb: itali
      English: (verb) to tie

  • talikdan
    English: see talikuran

  • talikod
    Active Verb: tumalikod
    English: Hindi pa marunong manuka ang bibe. (The duck still does not know how to peck.)

  • talikuran
    English: (verb) to turn one's back against something (idiom) to forsake somebody or something
    Examples: Huwag mong talikuran ang iyong pamilya. (Don't forsake your family.)

  • talilong
    English: (noun) mullet (immature)

  • talim
    English: (adj) /ma--/ sharp

  • taling
    English: (noun) mole

  • talinghaga
    English: (noun) allegory; figure of speech; metaphor
    L2 Definition: (var) TALINHAGA

  • talino
    English: (adj) /ma--/ intelligent; wise; sharp

  • talipapa
    English: (noun) fish market with temporary stalls under flat sheds
    See a picture

  • talo
    see talo1, talo2 & talo3

    • talo1
      English: (adj) defeated; beaten; surpassed

    • talo2
      Passive Verb: matalo
      English: (verb) to detach; to remove the skin or cover; to pry

    • talo3
      Active Verb: matalo [ma-ta-lo]
      Passive Verb: talunin [ta-lu-nin]
      English: (talunin) to defeat, vanquish, (natalo) defeated

      Talunin mo nga siya. [(You) defeat him.] Pero, takot ka siguro, baka matalo ka niya. [But, you may be afraid, he might defeat you.] Hindi, natalo ko na siya. [No, I defeated him already.]

  • talon
    see talon1, talon2 & talon3

    • talon1
      English: (noun) waterfall

    • talon2
      Verb: tumalon [tu-ma-lon]
      English: (tumalon) to dive, to jump from higher place

    • talon3
      Verb: talunin [ta-lu-nin]
      English: (talunin) to leap across a hindrance 

  • talong
    English: (noun) eggplant
    See a picture

  • talop
    see talop1 & talop2

    • talop1
      English: (noun) act of peeling

    • talop2
      English: (adj) peeled; decorticated

  • talos
    English: (adj) comprehended; perfectly understood

  • talukab
    English: (noun) carapace (of crabs)

  • talukap
    English: (noun) sheath of palm leaves or banana stalk; eyelid

  • talukbong
    English: (noun) head covering

  • talulot
    English: (noun) petal of a flower

  • talumpati
    see talumpati1 & talumpati2

    • talumpati1
      English: (noun) speech

    • talumpati2
      Active Verb: magtalumpati
      English: (verb) to give a speech

  • talupan

  • talyasi
    English: (noun) vat; medium sized iron vat (for cooking)

  • talyer
    English: (noun) mill; factory; workshop
    Notes: Spanish

  • tama
    English: see tama1, tama2 & tama3

    • tama1
      English: (adj) correct; right; true

    • tama2
      Active Verb: tumama
      English: (verb) to hit the mark; to be right or correct

    • tama3
      Active Verb: magtama
      Passive Verb: itama
      English: (verb) to put correctly

  • tama ka na
    English: an expression which is a mild or affectionate way of saying, 'oh, stop it; oh, shut up'

  • tamad
    English: (adj) lazy; idle; indolent

  • tamak
    English: (adj) impregnated

  • tambad
    English: (adj) exposed to view

  • tambak
    see tambak1 & tambak2

    • tambak1
      English: (noun) a heap; a pile; filler (soil)

    • tambak2
      Active Verb: magtambak
      Passive Verb: itambak
      English: (verb) to pile; to dump into; to fill up with rubbish, earth or stones

  • tambal
    Active Verb: magtambal
    Passive Verb: itambal
    English: (verb) to pair up; to be billed together

  • tamban
    English: (noun) herring

  • tambo
    English: (noun) soft broom

  • tambol
    see tambol1 & tambol2

    • tambol1
      English: (noun) drum

    • tambol2
      Active Verb: magtambol
      Passive Verb: itambol
      English: (verb) to drum; to pound as a drum

  • tambuli
    English: (noun) bugle made from horn

  • tamis
    see tamis1 & tamis2

    • tamis1
      English: (noun) sweetness; sweets; dessert (adj) /ma+tamis/ sweet

    • tamis2
      English: (adj) /ma--/ sweet (food)

  • tamo
    Active Verb: magtamo
    Passive Verb: tamuhin
    English: (verb) to obtain; to acquire; to be awarded

  • tampal
    Active Verb: manampal
    Passive Verb: tampalin
    English: (verb) to slap with the hand

  • tampalasan
    English: (adj) wicked; perverse; destructive

  • tampipi
    English: (noun) chest or trunk made from palm leaves
    See a picture

  • tampisaw
    Active Verb: magtampisaw
    English: (verb) to wade in the water

  • tampo
    Active Verb: magtampo
    English: (verb) to sulk

  • tanan
    Active Verb: magtanan
    Passive Verb: itanan
    English: (verb) to elope; to elope with

  • tanaw
    see tanaw1 & tanaw2

    • tanaw1
      English: (noun) /--in/ (TANAWIN) scenery; landscape; view

    • tanaw2
      Active Verb: tumanaw
      Passive Verb: tanawin
      English: (verb) to view; to look

  • tanda
    see tanda1, tanda2, tanda3, tanda4 & tanda5

    • tanda1
      English: (noun) mark; sign

    • tanda2
      English: (noun) age

    • tanda3
      English: (adj) /ma--/ elderly; old

    • tanda4
      Active Verb: tumanda
      English: (verb) to age; to get older

    • tanda5
      Active Verb: magtanda
      Passive Verb: tandaan
      English: (verb) to remember; to retain

  • tandang
    English: (noun) rooster

  • tandyent
    English: Filipino slang for stupid
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) tanga

  • tanga
    English: (adj) stupid; ignorant; idiot

  • tangan
    see tangan1 & tangan2

    • tangan1
      Active Verb: tumangan
      English: (verb) to hold in hand; to hold on to

    • tangan2
      Active Verb: magtangan
      Passive Verb: tanganan
      English: (verb) to hold in hand; to hold on to

  • tangay
    English: (adj) carried away (by seizure, force, mouth)

  • tanggal
    Active Verb: magtanggal
    Passive Verb: tanggalin
    English: (verb) to unfasten; to dismantle; to remove; to take off

  • tanggap
    Active Verb: tumanggap
    Passive Verb: tanggapin
    English: (verb) to receive; to accept; to admit

  • tanggapan
    English: (noun) office

  • tanggi
    Active Verb: tumanggi
    Passive Verb: tanggihan
    English: (verb) to refuse; to deny

  • tanggo
    English: (noun) tango (dance)

  • tanggol
    see tanggol1, tanggol2 & tanggol3

    • tanggol1
      English: (noun) defense

    • tanggol2
      Active Verb: magtanggol
      Passive Verb: itanggol
      English: (verb) to defend

    • tanggol3
      Active Verb: ipagtanggol
      English: (verb) to defend

  • tanghal
    see tanghal1, tanghal2 & tanghal3

    • tanghal1
      English: (noun) /--an/ (TANGHALAN) place where a show or program is exhibited

    • tanghal2
      English: (adj) exalted; prominent

    • tanghal3
      Active Verb: magtanghal
      Passive Verb: tanghalin
      English: (verb) to exalt; to exhibit

  • tanghali
    see tanghali1, tanghali2, tanghali3 & tanghali4

    • tanghali1
      English: (noun) /--an/ (TANGHALIAN) lunch; noon meal

    • tanghali2
      English: (adj) late (time); not early

    • tanghali3
      English: (adv) late; high noon; midday

    • tanghali4
      Active Verb: mananghali
      English: (verb) to have lunch

  • tangi
    English: (adj) special; favorite; one and only

  • tanging
    English: see tangi

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