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Read Untitled Navigating Likas-Philippines for further explanations and use suggested browser and monitor settings for better viewing. Visit Untitled Diversity in Filipino Languages for a brief introduction about the languages of the Philippines; also the NIU Tagalog Dictionary.
Untitled Untitled Contents:
  1. pa to palara
  2. palaro to panibugho
  3. panig to paso
  4. pasok to pigsa
  5. pihit to pitsa
  6. pitsel to pugad
  7. pugo to puyo
  • palaro
    English: (noun) the games planned for an occasion

  • palaso
    English: (noun) arrow

  • palaspas
    English: (noun) fancily woven palm leaves blessed on Palm Sunday

  • palasyo
    English: (noun) palace

  • palay
    English: (noun) unhusked rice; rice plant
    See a picture

  • palayaw
    English: (noun) nickname

  • palayok
    English: (noun) cooking pot
    See a picture

  • palda
    English: (noun) skirt

  • palengke
    English: (noun) marketplace

  • paliban
    English: (noun) (rw. LIBAN) postponement

  • palibhasa
    English: (conj) expresses what follows is stated as a reason (parallel to HALIMBAWA)
    L2 Definition: (var) PALIBASA

  • palibot
    English: (noun) (rw. LIBOT) surroundings; environment

  • paligsahan
    English: (noun) (rw. LIGSA) contest; competition

  • palikero
    English: (adj) flirtatious (male), playboy

  • palikpik
    English: (noun) fin of fish

  • paliparan
    English: (noun) (rw. LIPAD) airport

  • palit
    see palit1 & palit2

    • palit1
      Active Verb: magpalit
      Passive Verb: palitan
      English: (verb) to change; to replace; to exchange; to cash a check
      Examples: (1.) Magpalit ka na ng damit mo. (You should now change your clothes.) (2.) Palitan mo ang damit mo. (Change your clothes.)

    • palit2
      Passive Verb: ipalit
      English: (verb) to change; to replace; to exchange; to cash a check
      Examples: Ipalit mo itong baso sa nabasag na baso kanina. (Have this glass as a replacement to the glass that was broken earlier.)

  • palitaw
    English: (noun) rice cake made of glutinous rice, sugar, and coconut gratings

  • palito
    English: (noun) toothpick
    Notes: Spanish

  • palo
    Active Verb: Mamalo
    Passive Verb: paluhin
    English: (verb) to spank; to whip

  • palong
    English: (noun) cock's comb

  • palos
    English: (noun) eel; large Bengal swamp eel
    L2 Definition: (syn) IGAT

  • palpak
    English: Filipino slang for sloppy work or performance
    L2 Definition: (salitang balbal) hindi maayos na trabaho, hindi magandang pagkakagawa

  • palso
    English: (adj) spurious; counterfeit
    Notes: Spanish

  • paltik
    English: (noun) crudely made native gun

  • paltos
    English: (noun) blister

  • palupalo
    English: (noun) wooden paddle for beating laundry
    L2 Definition: (var) PALO-PALO

  • palyok
    English: (noun) cooking pot
    L2 Definition: (var) PALAYOK

  • pamagat
    English: (noun) title of written work

  • pamana
    English: (noun) inheritance; heritage

  • pamangkin
    English: (noun) nephew; niece
    Notes: term of reference

  • pambura
    English: (noun) eraser

  • pamilya
    English: (noun) family

  • paminggalan
    English: (noun) cupboard; pantry

  • paminta
    English: (noun) black pepper; pepper

  • pamutas
    English: (noun) (fr. PANG+BUTAS) perforator; hole borer
    L2 Definition: (var) PAMBUTAS

  • pamutat
    English: (noun) (fr. PANG+PUTAT) 'hors d'oeuvres'; side dish

  • pana
    English: (noun) bow and arrow

  • panadero
    English: (noun) baker
    Notes: Spanish

  • panaderya
    English: (noun) bakery

  • panaghoy
    English: (noun) (fr. PANG+TAGHOY) lamentation

  • panaginip
    English: (noun) dream

  • panahon
    English: (noun) time; season; weather

  • panalangin
    English: (noun) (rw. DALANGIN) prayer

  • panalo
    Active Verb: manalo
    Passive Verb: panalunin
    English: (verb) to win

  • panaog
    Active Verb: pumanaog
    Passive Verb: panaugin
    English: (verb) to go down
    Examples: (1.) Pumanaog ka muna at may bisita sa ibaba. (You go down first because there are visitors downstairs.) (2.) Panaugin mo muna ang mga bisita. (Go down and meet the visitors.)

  • panata
    English: (noun) vow, usually religious

  • panatag
    English: (adj) (rw. TATAG) tranquil; peaceful

  • panatiko
    English: (adj) fanatic
    Notes: Spanish

  • panauhin
    English: (noun) visitor; guest

  • panay
    English: (adj) all; each and everyone (of a group)

  • pandak
    English: (adj) short of stature

  • pandanggo
    English: (noun) fandango dance
    Notes: Spanish

  • panday
    English: (noun) blacksmith

  • pandisal
    English: (noun) bread; a kind of french bread
    Origin: Spanish: from "pan de sal" (salted bread) contraction to "pandisal"

  • pang-ahit
    English: (noun) razor; shaver

  • panga
    English: (noun) jaw

  • pangahas
    English: (adj) daring; bold; intrepid

  • pangako
    English: (noun) promise

  • pangalan
    English: (noun) name

  • pangamba
    English: (noun) fear; suspicion

  • panganay
    English: (noun) eldest in the family
    Notes: term of reference

  • panganib
    English: (noun) danger

  • pangarap
    Active Verb: mangarap
    English: (noun) daydream, dream, goal, desire, ambition (verb) to dream, to have a goal, to have a desire, to have an ambition

  • pangat
    English: (noun) fish cooked in vinegar and salt

  • pangil
    English: (noun) tusk

  • panginoon
    English: (noun) master; lord

  • pangit
    English: (adj) ugly; not good

  • pangkat
    English: (noun) group; party

  • pangko
    see pangko1 & pangko2

    • pangko1
      English: (adj) being carried in one's arms

    • pangko2
      Passive Verb: pangkuin
      English: (verb) to carry in one's arms

  • panglaw
    English: (adj) /ma--/ gloomy

  • pangulo
    English: (noun) leader; president

  • pangunahin
    English: (adj) leading; first; foremost

  • panhik
    see panhik1 & panhik2

    • panhik1
      Active Verb: pumanhik
      English: (verb) to go upstairs; to come up to the house
      Examples: Pumanhik ka sa itaas at kunin mo ang aking bag. (You go upstairs and get my bag for me.)

    • panhik2
      Active Verb: magpanhik
      Passive Verb: ipanhik
      English: (verb) to take upstairs
      Examples: (1.) Magpanhik ka ng kape sa aking silid. (You bring up some coffee to my room.) (2.) Ipanhik mo dito ang telebisyon. (Take the television set up here.)

  • panibugho
    English: (noun) jealousy

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