This section of Health Resources provides links to various specific health topics. Use the A to Z navigation links above, preceded by "Health Topics", to look for specific topics related to health and medicine. Health topics related to cancer are included here also, but more focused and extensive links to specific types of cancer are found in the Cancer Resources website. Visit also separate webpages (see left navigation links) for AIDS, Heart Diseases & Stroke, Nutrition & Metabolism, etc. Major compilations of specific topics, like Women's Health, are placed as separate sections (identified in bold red). Other health topics, like specific diseases (e.g., parasitic diseases, travelers diseases, etc.) will be placed as separate sections in the future.

Because of the serious nature of the subjects in the Health Topics section, the sources of information will not be comprehensive. Instead, the focus are on links coming from the major biomedical research and educational institutions and relevant government agencies. Special emphasis are given on information databases that are updated regularly1.

The health topics listing included here integrated the extensive databases of the Untitled Medline Plus , Untitled Center for Disease Control and Prevention and other sources (see Untitled Literature Sources ). Additional information are available also in the websites of the various major biomedical centers included in the Medical Centers section. Visit also the "related websites" (see left navigation links) for other relevant information databases.

In case you do not find what you are looking for among the various health topics included in the A to Z navigation links above and in the other related sections (see left navigation links), the Untitled Search section in this website provides search engines and directories that are more specific for the health and biomedical sciences. Some of these search engines and directories included information databases that were prepared specifically for laypeople as well as for physicians and scientists.

1The main sources included here were based mainly on the Health Topics database of the Medline Plus from the NIH Health Information Index, as well as those from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, because of the comprehensiveness of the health topics included. More important, the information database are updated regularly by authoritative sources from the foremost agencies involved in specific health research and clinical trials.

Health topics from other sources are also integrated. Please refer to the references cited in each section.