Untitled Welcome to the Health Resources section of Treasures of the Internet. At present, the Health Resources website has the following sections:
  • Health Topics1
    integrated compilation of health topics from information databases of research and biomedical institutions, as well as designated government agencies1
  • Cancer Resources
    a separate webpage focused on cancer.
  • AIDS Primer
  • Heart Diseases & Stroke
  • Nutrition & Metabolism
    a separate webpage focused on food, nutrition and metabolism
  • Medical Centers
    listings of the major hospitals, cancer and medical centers in the United States (additional databases, such as links to support groups, hospices, etc., will be included in the future).
  • Untitled Search
    provides search engines, archives and directories that are more specific for health and sciences

Because of the serious nature of the subject matter and consequences in the use of the information derived therein, the sources of information integrated in the database of Health Resources were selectively limited to include links based mainly from the databases of major biomedical research and educational institutions, as well as the designated government agencies, i.e., NIH, CDC, FDA, USDA, MAFF(UK), etc. intimately involved in biomedical research or regulation. Whenever there are choices, preference was given to information databases that are non-commercial and updated regularly1.

Many of the specific health topics included in the"Health Resources" directory, especially those from Medline Plus from NIH, are themselves vast but selective compilations of internet resources that already included links from other major internet sources. Thus, the present "Health Resources" directory concentrated on integrating the strengths of other major directories, (e.g., those from CDC, NIDDK, etc.) to supplement or fill the void not fully covered by the Medline Plus directory1.

In case you do not find what you are looking for among the various health topics included in the A to Z navigation links above, the Untitled Search section provides search engines and directories that are more specific for the health and biomedical sciences. Some of the directories included allow access to information databases that were tailored specifically for laypeople, physicians or scientists.

Additional information are available also in the websites of the various major biomedical centers included in the Medical Centers section.

Navigating the site. Be aware that each section (except Untitled Search ) has its own "A to Z navigation links". At present, the "A to Z navigation links" of Health Topics is used currently also as the default "A to Z navigation links" for Health Resources. Use the navigation links shown on the left side to go from one section to another and to change the corresponding "A to Z navigation links" for each section.

Notes and Footnotes:
  1. The main headings included here were based mainly on the Health Topics database of the Medline Plus from the NIH Health Information Index, as well as those from the Untitled Center for Disease Control and Prevention because of the comprehensiveness of the health topics from these two major directories. More important, the information database from the aforementioned sources are updated regularly by authoritative sources from the foremost agencies involved in specific health research and clinical trials.

    Health topics from other sources are also integrated. Please refer to the references cited in each section.