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Heart Diseases
& Stroke

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  • Quercetin Glucoside, Quercetin Rutinoside -- see Phytochemicals and Cardiovascular Disease 1
  • Questions To Ask Your Doctor
    • About blood cholesterol 1
    • About diet after heart attack, brain attack or surgery1
    • About drug treatment 1
    • About high blood pressure 1
    • About the hospital (before surgery or procedure)1
    • About a pacemaker or implanted defibrillator1
    • About physical activity after stroke, heart attack or surgery 1
    • About physical therapy and rehabilitation 1
    • About quitting cigarettes and tobacco 1
    • About recovery at home (after heart attack, stroke or surgery) 1
    • About recovery in the hospital (after stroke, heart attack or surgery) 1
    • About surgery or procedures 1
    • About symptoms and warning signs 1
    • About tests for heart or brain function 1
    • About weight control 1
  • Quitting Smoking -- see Smoking Cessation 1

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