Untitled Historical Overview : Untitled [1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 ] : AIDS reared its ugly head in the United States in the early 1980's; first diagnosed as a rare and often fatal form of cancer (Kaposi's sarcoma) affecting gay men in San Francisco and New York. What was thought to be a rare immune deficiency ailment in 1981 soon spread like "wild fire" from the points of origin, New York and California (see animated figure below), among the gay community.


U.S. AIDS Cases 1983-1997 WIDTH=

Spread of AIDS in the U.S. (1983-1997): Animated Presentation

By the early 1980's it became apparent that an epidemic, of an unknown disease with no known cure, was in the making. Diagnosis of similar ailments were soon reported also in many of the large metropolitan areas and states in the United States (Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Washington D.C., etc.). Soon major cities in other Western countries were were reporting similar ailments.

The 41 gay men first diagnosed with AIDS were soon joined by others. There were 452 cases by the end of 1982. The cases reported had the following breakdown; Untitled gender : Untitled males (428) & Untitled females (24); Untitled race/ethnicity : Untitled Caucasian "White" Americans (278), Untitled African-Americans (86), Untitled Hispanics (54), Haitians (27) & Others (7); Age: <25 yo (23), 25-44 yo (362), >45 yo (62) & unknown (5).

The 41 gay men first diagnosed with AIDS were soon joined by 1,000 other cases reported by February 1983, and 3,064 cases reported by December 1983. Of the 3,064 reported by December 1983, 76% were from Untitled men who have sex with men (MSM) , 15% were infected through Untitled injection drug use (IDU) , 4% Haitians, less than 1% hemophiliacs and 5% others.

The reported cases between 1982-1983 indicated that the AIDS epidemic in the United States has begun its exponential growth rate. By May 1985 there were 10,000 cases; about 100,000 cases by July 1989; about 500,000 cases by December 1995, more than 626,000 cases by September 1997, >723,000 by 1999 and >774,000 by December 2000.

Of the >774,000 AIDS (cumulative) cases reported by the end of December 2000 reported to CDC , 766,000 were adults and adolescents (635,451 Untitled males and 130,104 Untitled females ) and 8,908 were Untitled children under age 13. Total (cumulative) AIDS deaths were 448,060, including 442,882 adults and adolescents, 5,178 Untitled children under age 15, and 412 persons whose age at death was unknown. [View: Untitled Cumulative AIDS Cases by Race or Ethnicity and Age (December 2000) ]

During the accelerated rate stage of the AIDS epidemic, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) estimated as high as 1-2 million Americans could be exposed to infection. However, the estimates were decreased gradually as advances in Untitled antiretroviral drugs therapies and medical care improved during the course of the epidemic. ....

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