• 4 of 10 People With HIV Get Late Diagnosis
    Washington Post, 8/15/01.
  • Officials Voice Alarm Over Halt in AIDS Decline
    AP/New York Times, 8/14/01;
  • Sharp Drop In AIDS Toll May Be Over
    Washington Post, 8/14/01.
  • TeenAbstinence Center of Debate: Widening Gap Seen in Sex Education over Best Approach
    Chicago Tribune, 8/11/01.
  • Prevention: A Closer Look at Needle Exchanges
  • Women Now Look Beyond H.I.V., to Children and Grandchildren
    New York Times, 8/7/01.
  • HHS Announces $53.7 Million in Grants to Improve HIV/AIDS Care for Women, Children, Youth and Families
    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services press release, 8/6/01.
  • Project Focuses on Virus' Effects on Women
    Los Angeles Times, 8/6/01.
  • HIV Patients Getting More Transplants
    AP/New York Times, 8/2/01.
  • Parents, Boys Say Help Needed With Discussing Sexual Issues
    Washington Post, 8/2/01.
  • An Orgy of Abstinence
    Village Voice, 8/1/01.
  • US: Half of Pregnant Women Still Don't Get HIV Test
    Reuters Health, 8/1/01.
  • Medicaid Pays More for AIDS Drugs: Report Blames Flawed Formula for Payments
    Chicago Tribune, 7/27/01.