Untitled AIDS among African-Americans

Did you know that of the new cases of AIDS reported to CDC in 2000: were African-Americans?

After 1995, African-Americans have surpassed White Americans in the number of AIDS cases reported each year. This is the case, for both men and women in year 2000, as shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1
Untitled AIDS Cases in Adults and Adolescents, by Sex and Race/Ethnicity, Reported in 2000, USA36

Untitled Since 1993, African-Americans have surpassed all other ethnic groups, in terms of cumulative cases of AIDS deaths, in all regions of the United States (see Figure 2).

Figure 2
Untitled Age-adjusted Mean Rate of Death from HIV Infection during 1993-1997, By Race/Ethnicity and Geographic Region, USA36

Untitled Since 1991, AIDS is the top killler , of 25-44 yo African-Americans, and among the top 5 killers since 1986. Injection Drug Use (IDU) has been the primary mode of exposure among African-Americans to HIV (36%) .

African-Americans have the highest rate of AIDS cases per unit population of a given ethnic group, in all regions of the United States (see figure directly below). While the AIDS deaths were also decreasing among African-Americans (see also gender/race AIDS deaths), especially in the West US, the proportion of African-Americans dying of AIDS has been increasing, also reflected in the percentage deaths. Between 1987 and 1997, the percentage of African-Americans among persons who died from HIV infection increased from 30% to 52%, in contrast the percentage of Whites decreased from 69% to 47%.

The above statitics are staggering considering that African-Americans comprise only 12% of the total US population.

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