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  • AIDS in the UK
    BBC. 2 July, 1999. Dated but provides a brief overview of AIDS in the UK. Visit also the related links included. Untitled
  • Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS)
    covering UK and European statistics, with slides provided
    Epidemiology: Numbers of new HIV and AIDS diagnoses and deaths (UK)

    Fig. 1. Total Cases of HIV Infection & AIDS Diagnosis in the UK (1985-2000)

    Compare with:


    Fig. 2. HIV Infection & AIDS Diagnosis in the UK infected through sex between men (1985-2000). Public Health Laboratory Services (UK)


    Fig. 3 HIV Infection & AIDS Diagnosis in the UK infected through sex between men and women (1985-2000). Public Health Laboratory Services (UK)

    At a Glance: HIV/AIDS in the United Kingdom
    There were dramatic declines in both the reported AIDS cases and deaths (Figure 1), especially among those infected through sex between men (Fig. 2), since 1995. Note however that the reported incidence of total (men and women) cases of HIV diagnosis levelled from 1994-1997 but began to rise again thereafter (Fig. 1). The latter reflects a steady increase in heterosexual transmission of HIV since 1985 (Figure 3). While heterosexual transmission of HIV levelled off during 1993-1997, there was dramatic rate of increase thereafter (Figure 3.) Most of these heterosexual infections happened abroad, with almost two thirds of the total occuring in Africa. Read sex between men and women for more in depth analysis.

    The cases of HIV infection among MSM peaked in the mid 1990's, in the Untitled United Kingdom , Untitled United States as well as in many Western countries. This decline demonstrates the effectiveness of the education and prevention grassroots campaigns spearheaded by gay individuals or grassroots organizations. At the same time, advances in antiretroviral and combination drug therapies led to the significant delay in progression from HIV infection to AIDS status or deaths due to AIDS-related illnesses and opportunistic infections. As a result, people living with HIV/AIDS in many Western countries were able to have prolonged and active lives.

    The aforementioned welcome developments may have been misconstrued by younger gay men as though HIV infection can be avoided or that AIDS is curable with the available arsenal of antiretroviral and combination drug therapies. [To date there is still no known cure or vaccine against HIV infection.]

    Such misperception may account for the recent resurgence in HIV infection (see news section), suggesting a reversion to engaging in unsafe sexual practices, among younger gays in the Untitled United States , Untitled United Kingdom , as well as in some other Western countries.
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