• WHO and UNAIDS Continue to Support Use of Nevirapine for Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission
    Joint UNAIDS/WHO press statement, 3/22/02.
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Comments on HIVNET 012 Trial
    Boehringer Ingelheim news release, 3/22/02.
  • New List of Safe AIDS Drugs, Despite Industry Lobby
    New York Times, 3/21/02.
  • Drug Manufacturers: Approving Generic AIDS Drugs Could Reduce Quality Associated Press, 3/21/02.
  • [Médecins Sans Frontières] Urges U.N. to Speed AIDS Drug Advice Reuters, 3/21/02.
  • Review of HIVNET 012 U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases news release, 3/22/02.
  • Coalition Seeks to Curb Drug Patent Extensions
    Washington Post, 3/25/02.
  • Initiative to Promote Access to Quality HIV Medicines Releases First Batch of Results Today (full report)
    WHO/UNAIDS/UNICEF press release, 3/20/02.
  • System for Protecting Humans in Research Faulted
    Boston Globe, 3/25/02.
  • Calls for Help Exceed Global AIDS Fund Resources Reuters, 3/25/02.
  • World Commission [on the Social Dimension of Globalization] Urged to Expand Benefits of Globalization
    ILO press release, 3/25/02.
  • Governments Adopt, NGOs Reject Monterrey Consensus
    U.N. Wire, 3/25/02
  • Foreign Aid: Staying Engaged Economist, 3/25/02
  • More Aid, More Need: Pledges Still Falling Short New York Times, 3/24/02
  • Forging the Monterrey Consensus New York Times, 3/24/02
  • Analysis: Mixed Feelings at Monterrey BBC News, 3/23/02
  • Kennedy Assails Bush Plan on Medical Records Privacy
    Washington Post, 3/23/02.
  • Nongovernmental Organizations Show Their Growing Power 3/22/02, New York Times.
  • Only a Fraction of TB Patients Get the Best Care WHO press release, 3/22/02.
  • Poor Sanitation 'a Global Catastrophe'
    BBC News, 3/22/02.
  • Living with Hepatitis C
    HealthScoutNews, 3/22/02.
  • New Global Campaign Launched to Tackle TB OneWorld, 3/22/02.
  • U.N.: Poor Nations Need More Aid
    Associated Press, 3/21/02.
  • Business, NGOs Offer Competing Visions At Monterrey U.N. Wire, 3/21/02.
  • Future World Population Growth to Be Concentrated in Urban Areas of World
    U.N. Department of Economic and Social Affairs press release, 3/21/02.
  • Action to Promote Equality, Tolerance Urged as UN Marks Anti-Racism Day
    U.N. News Centre, 3/21/02.
  • HIV/AIDS Is Wiping Out Fifty Years of Investment in Development UNAIDS press release, 3/19/02
  • Cocaine and Intensity of H.I.V. Are Related in a Study of Mice
    by Denise Grady (NYT) February 15, 2002. Research in mice may help explain something that doctors have noticed in people who are infected with H.I.V.: cocaine use seems to make the disease pr...(597words )
  • AIDS Vaccine Developments
  • H.I.V. Patients Get Fresh Hopes for Donor Organs
    by Jeff Stryker (NYT) December 11, 2001. It would not be like him to lie down and die quietly. Larry Kramer, the 66-year-old novelist and playwright, AIDS activist and agitator, is fighting a... (1688words)
  • VITAL SIGNS: SIDE EFFECTS; Herbal Aid Saps Strength of H.I.V. Drug
    by Eric Nagourney (NYT) December 11, 2001. Some people with H.I.V. turn to herbal medicines to supplement the mix of conventional drugs they take to keep their infections in check. But now a st... (301words)
  • A New Generation: Teenagers Living With H.I.V.
    by Linda Villarosa (NYT) November 20, 2001. On the surface, Alora Gale of Boulder, Colo., is an average teenager. A sophomore at Boulder High School, she likes school and for the most part does ... (1777words)
  • VITAL SIGNS: AT RISK; Measure of Calm May Help Fight AIDS
    by Eric Nagourney (NYT) October 30, 2001. Stress, long thought to play a role in many diseases, appears to be an ally of the AIDS virus in its attack on the immune system, researchers said thi... (233words)
  • Drug Patent Dispute Poses Trade Threat
    Washington Post, 10/26/01.
  • Drug Dealing
    Guardian (U.K.), 10/24/01.
  • Senate Okays Foreign AIDS Money
    Reuters Health/Yahoo, 10/25/01.
  • Stress Undermines Anti-HIV Drugs, Research Shows
    Reuters Health/Yahoo, 10/24/01.
  • Anthrax as AIDS
    Village Voice, 10/24/01.
  • UNICEF Hails Entry into Force of Optional Protocol on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography
    UNICEF press release, 10/23/01.
  • A $9.3B Proposal Outlines Global Campaign against TB
    Boston Globe, 10/22/01.
  • Administration Won't Allow Generic Versions of Drug
    New York Times, 10/18/01.
  • Experts Fear a Risky Recipe: Viagra, Drugs and H.I.V.
    NYT, 10/16/01.
  • Making Patents Public: Redefining Intellectual Property When AIDS Drugs Are At Issue
    FindLaw, 10/11/01.
  • AIDS conference urges end to discrimination and drug profits
    AFP, 10/10/01.
  • IPPF International Medical Advisory Panel Reaffirms Opposition to FGM
    IPPF News, 10/8/01.
    Reuters (NYT) October 4, 2001. An advisory panel to the Food and Drug Administration gave its support yesterday to the Gilead Sciences experimental AIDS drug Viread which helps redu... (108words)
  • FDA Committee Backs Approval of New HIV Drug (Tenofovir)
    Reuters/ABCNews.com 10/3/01.
  • AIDS Increases Risk of Non-AIDS-Related Cancers
    Reuters Health/Yahoo, 9/27/01.
  • HIV-1 Drug Resistance May Diminish Over Time
    Reuters Health/Yahoo, 9/26/01.
  • Global AIDS and Health Fund to Start Disbursing Money by Late 2001
    UN Newservice, 9/25/01.
  • 'Invisible Condom' May Prevent HIV and Herpes
    Reuters Health/Yahoo, 9/21/01.
  • Diaphragm, Microbicide Proposed as HIV Barrier
    Reuters Health/Yahoo, 9/19/01.
  • HIV Surveillance Poor in Many Countries: Report
    Reuters Health/Yahoo, 9/17/01.
  • Drug Companies Warn AIDS Research Could Dry Up
    Reuters/Yahoo, 9/19/01.
  • Outsmarting AIDS
    Forbes, 9/17/01.
  • Statement by Médecins Sans Frontières on TRIPS and Affordable Medicines
    MSF press release, 9/19/01.
  • TB Test 'Could Save Lives'
    BBC News, 9/18/01.
  • FAO Report Says HIV/AIDS Is Devastating Farming And Worsening Hunger
    IRIN, 9/12/01. Full FAO report: The State of Food and Agriculture 2001.
  • Newborn Deaths Remain High among Developing Countries
    AP/Nando Times, 9/10/01.
  • Medical Journals Set New Publication Rules
    Washington Post, 9/10/01.
  • Debt Relief Moves Hit by Poor Progress on Reforms
    Financial Times, 9/10/01.
  • Dutch Study Finds AIDS Drugs Misused
    Reuters/Yahoo, 9/9/01.
  • Confronting global AIDS: prevention and treatment
    Berkman A. Am J Public Health Sept 2001;91(9):1348-49. Editorial.
  • AIDS expert challenges ethical stance on drug trials
    BMJ Sept 8, 2001;323:531. News.
  • The Genesis of an Epidemic: Humans, Chimps and a Virus
    NYT. September 4, 2001.
  • Abstain, Yes. But With Your Eyes Wide Open
    Washington Post op-ed, 9/2/01.
  • Briefing Note: HIV/AIDS Related Events at the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance
    UNAIDS, 8/30/01.
  • Gay-Sensitive HIV Education Can Cut Risky Behavior
    Reuters Health/Yahoo, 8/28/01.
  • A Charge to Take AIDS Messages From a National to a Global Scale
    NYT. 8/28/01. Interview with Dr. Helene Gayle.
  • Bringing the Pharmaceuticals Industry to Its Senses
    Financial Times letter to the editor, 8/30/01.
  • IUDs May Be Safe for HIV-Positive Women: Study
    Reuters Health, 8/28/01.
  • Privacy Worry May Keep HIV Patients From Therapy
    Reuters Health/Yahoo, 8/27/01.
  • Oral Sex Poses Low HIV Risk: [UCSF] Study Fails to Find Any Infected People
  • AIDS scandals around the world
    BBC. 9 August, 2001.
  • A Warrior in the AIDS Fight Never Rests
    CNN.com, 8/10/01. Profile of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director, U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
  • Clinton Pushes the AIDS Fight
    Chicago Tribune, 8/9/01.
  • Regulation of Overseas Drug Trials Is Pursued
    Washington Post, 8/4/01.
  • Vocal Critics at AIDSChief's Debut: Faces Skeptics at HIV Conference
    Newsday, 8/15/01.
  • A Shot at HIV Reduction: Coalition Promotes Needle Swap
    Newsday, 8/14/01.
  • World Health System Ranking Reveals Surprises
    Reuters Health/Yahoo, 8/10/01.
  • Condom Report: Interview with Mi Chi Veravidea
    The World, 8/6/01. [Audio]
  • Project Focuses on Virus' Effects on Women
    Los Angeles Times, 8/6/01.
  • Caution about HIV Drugs 'Misplaced'
    Guardian (UK), 8/3/01.
  • Female Condom 7x Safe
    Health-e (South Africa), 8/2/01.
  • Parents, Boys Say Help Needed With Discussing Sexual Issues
    Washington Post, 8/2/01.
  • Study Says 20% of Girls Reported Abuse by a Date
    New York Times, 8/1/01.
  • Paul Livingstone Tito Omukuba: The Almost Unknown Soldierof the War on AIDS Died on July 9th, Aged 34
    Economist, 7/26/01.
  • More Women Needed in AIDS Research, Doctors Say
    Reuters/Yahoo, 7/26/01.
  • Launch of Global AIDS Fund at G-8 Summit Gets Mixed Raction
    IPPF News, 7/24/01.