• San Francisco AIDS Debate Leads to Criminal Charges
    by Greg Winter (NYT) December 24, 2001. With a shudder and a sigh, Dr. Jeffrey Klausner of the San Francisco Department of Public Health watched as the argument over combating H.I.V. grew ev... (1051words)
  • Metro Briefing | Connecticut: Hartford: State To Collect H.I.V. Information
    by AP (Compiled by Anthony Ramirez) (NYT) November 8, 2001. The State Department of Public Health will begin collecting information, including names, on adults infected with H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS. ...(143words)
  • H.I.V. Practices Face Grim Financial Times
    by David Tuller (NYT) November 6, 2001. Let's say you're a primary care physician with a large number of H.I.V.-infected patients. Until a few years ago, almost all your patients died; now, ... (920words)
  • Poppers' Link to HIV Prompts Call for Warnings in S.F.
    San Francisco Chronicle, 10/25/01.
  • Study Shows Gay Men in S.F. Less Afraid of HIV; Attitude May Be Leading to More Infections
    San Francisco Chronicle, 10/22/01.
  • More San Francisco IV Drug Users Contracting HIV
    Reuters Health/Yahoo, 10/18/01.
  • An Innovative NIH Center Will Speed New Vaccines To the Public. Its Opening Target: HIV
    Washington Post, 10/9/01.
  • Bad News for Some Blood Donors
    Washington Post, 9/29/01.
  • Survey: Religion Affects Teen Sex
    AP/New York Times, 9/25/01.
  • HIV Outreach Taken to Net Chat Rooms
    Miami Herald, 9/24/01.
  • Women Susceptible [to HIV] Regardless of Living Situation
    Globe and Mail (Toronto), 9/24/01.
  • Teens Prefer Buying Condoms to Freebies: Study
    Reuters Health/Yahoo, 9/21/01.
  • Study: Many U.S. Children in Sex Market
    Philadelphina Inquirer, 9/10/01.
  • Fed Funds Used for Explicit Workshops
    AP/Yahoo, 9/9/01.
  • Predictions on [Drug-resistant] HIV Infections [in San Francisco] Made
    AP/Yahoo, 8/31/01.
  • 4 of 10 People With HIV Get Late Diagnosis
    Washington Post, 8/15/01.
  • Officials Voice Alarm Over Halt in AIDS Decline
    AP/New York Times, 8/14/01
  • Sharp Drop In AIDS Toll May Be Over
    Washington Post, 8/14/01.
  • Teen Abstinence Center of Debate: Widening Gap Seen in Sex Education over Best Approach
    Chicago Tribune, 8/11/01.
  • Prevention: A Closer Look at Needle Exchanges
    NYT. August 7, 2001.
  • Women Now Look Beyond H.I.V., to Children and Grandchildren
    New York Times, 8/7/01.
  • HHS Announces $53.7 Million in Grants to Improve HIV/AIDS Care for Women, Children, Youth and Families
    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services press release, 8/6/01.
  • Project Focuses on Virus' Effects on Women
    Los Angeles Times, 8/6/01.
  • HIV Patients Getting More Transplants
    AP/New York Times, 8/2/01.
  • Parents, Boys Say Help Needed With Discussing Sexual Issues
    Washington Post, 8/2/01.
  • An Orgy of Abstinence
    Village Voice, 8/1/01.
  • US: Half of Pregnant Women Still Don't Get HIV Test
    Reuters Health, 8/1/01.
  • Medicaid Pays More for AIDS Drugs: Report Blames Flawed Formula for Payments
    Chicago Tribune, 7/27/01.