• China Faces Growing Labor Unrest Christian Science Monitor, 3/25/02.
  • Cambodia Now a Major Heroin Smuggling Route to West
    Reuters, 3/22/02.
  • Vietnam's Determined War on Poverty
    International Herald Tribune, 3/21/02.
  • Afghanistan Drafts Health Plan
    Associated Press, 3/20/02.
  • With Ignorance as the Fuel, AIDS Speeds Across China
    by Elisabeth Rosenthal (NYT) December 30, 2001. Li Bai's body is on the front line of the battle to prevent an explosion of AIDS in China. For the last seven years, the baby-faced 23-year-old with p... (2010words)
  • A Poor Ethnic Enclave in China Is Shadowed by Drugs and H.I.V.
    by Elisabeth Rosenthal (NYT) December 21, 2001. By day, Butuo is an ethnic backwater, where women in long embroidered blue skirts tote baskets filled with chunks of pig, and men in full-length capes... (1438words)
  • Spread of AIDS in Rural China Ignites Protests
    by Elisabeth Rosenthal (NYT) December 11, 2001. As China's central government takes steps to address its growing AIDS problem, officials in some of its most seriously affected areas here in central ... (1966words)
  • Shifting Stance, Beijing Shows Drama on AIDS
    by Reuters (NYT) December 2, 2001. Ending some of its reticence on the topic of AIDS, China today aired a dramatic TV drama on the disease. The world's most populous country was jolted ... (373words)
  • China Seems Uncertain About Dealing Openly With AIDS
    by Elisabeth Rosenthal (NYT) November 14, 2001. At the opening ceremony of China's much celebrated first conference about H.I.V. and AIDS, an anonymous H.I.V.-positive person delivered brief remarks...(1068words)
  • AIDS Patients in China Lack Effective Treatment
    by Elisabeth Rosenthal (NYT) Series, November 12, 2001. Zhang Jianqi remembers the doctor's advice at the rural Sui Xian County hospital in central China when they told him this summer that his 8-year-old d... (2290words)
  • AIDS Patients Push Asian Lands to Meet Their Needs
    by Elisabeth Rosenthal (NYT) October 14, 2001. Speaking here to scientists and researchers from all over the world, Celina D'Costa reminds her audience that she has received virtually no treatment ... (1062words)
  • South Korea Remains Largely Inactive in Prevention of AIDS Epidemic
    Korea Herald, 10/23/01.
  • AIDS Patients Push Asian Lands to Meet Their Needs
    NYT, 10/14/01.
  • After Meeting, Asia-Pacific Health Ministers Vow to Fight AIDS
    NYT, 10/11/01.
  • How Some Live With AIDS With Little or No Therapy
    NYT, 10/10/01.
  • AIDS discrimination spreading in Asia
    Times of India, 10/9/01.
  • News Round Up From the Sixth International Conference on HIV/AIDS in the Asia/Pacific Region
    Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 10/10/01.
  • New Resolve to Fight AIDS in Asia
    Times of India, 10/11/01.
  • Cultural Taboos Increase Women's HIV Risk
    BBC News, 10/8/01.
  • New Crisis as AIDS Sweeps into Asia: A UN Report Warns that Africa's Epidemic May Soon be Eclipsed
    Guardian (UK), 10/5/01.
  • Asia Warned of AIDS Epidemic
    BBC News, 10/5/01.
  • Poorly Prepared Asian Countries Warned of AIDS Epidemic
    NYT, 10/5/01.
  • The Status and Trends of HIV/AIDS/STI epidemics in Asia and the Pacific
    Provisional report from Monitoring the AIDS Pandemic Network, 10/4/01.
  • Business and Labour Responds to HIV/AIDS in Asia
    United Nations Information Services press release, 9/17/01.
  • WHO Warns Asia against Complacency after Progress against AIDS
    Reuters/Yahoo, 9/17/01.
  • WHO Wants Greater Use of Traditional Medicine
    AFP/Straits Times (Singapore), 9/14/01.
  • Mekong Countries Launch Project against HIV/AIDS
    UNDP Newsfront, 9/7/01.
  • Protests After India Arrests AIDS Workers
    Reuters Health, 8/13/01.
  • Asia's Sex Industry Is Growing Rapidly, Threatening AIDS Efforts, WHO Says
    AP/abcNEWS.com, 8/13/01.
  • Drug Use Begetting AIDS in Central Asia
    New York Times, 8/5/01.
  • Asia's burgeoning Aids epidemic
    30 November, 2000.
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