1. Untitled For a more comprehensive overview, visit the latest AIDS Epidemic Update, from UNAIDS. View also a poster demographics of AIDS worldwide, from 1984 - 1999.

  2. Untitled Caution & Disclaimer: The primary sites cited in the "A to Z navigation links", as well as in the major sections (see left navigation links), were written or compiled by scientists and clinicians, but some of the hyperlinked sites (within the primary links) were not always written by scientists nor clinicians. Also, the contents of some of the hyperlinked sites were not always based from scientific research or clinical trials but more from personal experience of or interpretation of the literature by people with HIV/AIDS or caregivers and others with interest about the disease. Therefore, exercise caution when using any information provided. Be sure to discuss them with your primary health care provider.

    Because of the nature of some forms of the transmission of HIV, the language used in some of the hyperlinked sites can be very explicit.