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    The topics and resources included in this section are specific for the country or region. Visit the "Major Topics" section, A-Z navigation links above or use the Search link, to find specific topics on HIV/AIDS.

    Untitled Philippine AIDS Organizations-Support Groups
      National AIDS/STD Prevention and Control Program
      3rd Floor, Building 12, Department of Health
      Sta. Cruz, Manila, PHILIPPINES
      Telephone: +632 338 6440
      E-mail: pnac-sec@pacific.net.ph or naspcp@doh.gov.ph

      For HIV/AIDS/STI-related services and information, TLF also refers some inquiries to the following organizations:

      Reachout Foundation International
      2030 M. Adriatico Street
      Malate, Manila 1004 PHILIPPINES
      Clinic: +632 526 6887 Helpline: +632 525 5845
      Email: reachout@pworld.net.ph

      Remedios AIDS Foundation
      1066 Remedios corner Singalong Streets
      Malate, Manila 1004 PHILIPPINES
      Clinica Remedios: +632 252 2874
      Remedios Hotline: +632 524 0551
      Women's AIDS Hotline: +632 524 4427 or 524 4507
      Email: reme1066@skyinet.net

      The Library Foundation
      1830 Luis Maria Guerrero Street
      Malate, Manila 1004 PHILIPPINES

      You may also contact us through the following:

      EMAIL: tlf@edsamail.com.ph
      TELEPHONE: +632 400 8375

      TLF is also a member of Lesbian and Gay Legislative Advocacy Network (LAGABLAB), which includes

      * Babaylan - UP Diliman
      * CLIC - Can't Live in the Closet
      * Katlo Inc.
      * ManilaOut
      * MCC - Metropolitan Community Church
      * OSAe - Order of Saint Aelred
      * WMC - Women's Media Circle
      * WSWC - Womyn Supporting Womyn Center
      * ZONE

    Notes and Footnotes:
      Click on Literature Sources to access the source of the information database, specified as superscript after each health topic link.

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