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  • HIV/AIDS: Implications for Poverty Reduction (PDF file)41
  • Untitled UNAIDS
  • Sub-Saharan Africa 31
  • AIDS Research in Africa
    Science: Volume 288 Number 5474 Jun 23 2000
  • The Economic Impact of HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa
    by Alan Whiteside, Mary O'Grady, and Anita Alban, AIDS Infothek, vol. 2, 2000.Special issue on HIV/AIDS in Africa published by Swiss Federal Office of Public Health
  • AIDS in Africa
    US Department of State. Provides links to US policies and other international issues related to HIV/AIDS. Untitled Economic Impact of AIDS in Africa: Africa summary
    Untitled The POLICY Project has prepared a set of studies on the economic impact of AIDS in 23 African countries as well as an overview paper for Africa. You can download any of these studies (in Word 97 format)
  • AIDS: The Agony of Africa
    Pulitzer Prize-winning, eight-part series by Mark Schoofs, The Village Voice, Nov-Dec, 1999.
  • AIDS in Africa: visit special coverage by BBC, Washington Post, Yahoo

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  • Untitled Overview: AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Visit latest Untitled AIDS Epidemic Update in Untitled Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Untitled AIDS Database (by Country or Region)
  • Untitled AIDS News & Information Archive: Africa
  • Untitled AIDS Topics & Resources
  • Untitled General Databases and Resources
  • Untitled Visit Geographic AIDS Database to access other countries/regions.