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  • Untitled Examine the relative & absolute (total PLWHA) ranks of, percent (%) prevalence of HIV/AIDS relative to adult population, absolute number of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and the number of children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Ethiopia Untitled among the top countries worldwide and in Sub-Saharan Africa that are most affected by the AIDS epidemic. Untitled Among the countries worldwide, only Untitled South Africa and India have populations of PLWHA much higher than Ethiopia. Untitled Nigeria , the largest country in Africa, comes in a close fourth (4th) in the population of PLWHA, but could easily outpace Ethiopia, if it has not already done so, because of the larger population of Untitled Nigeria , Untitled especially those in the 15-49 yo age group (examine summary demographic data), the group most affected by HIV/ADS.

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