• UN mission to the DR Congo

  • Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire): 52, 44, 46, 47, 48
    Untitled Click on the numbered (underlined) references to access general country profile and other compiled databases for the country. Each of the above links were chosen carefully because they provide different types of information about the country. The first reference from BBC, for example, provides a brief overview and "snapshot statistics". The other linked sites include other resources like culture, history, economic development, travel advisory, etc.

  • Untitled Untitled Summary Demographic Data : Democratic Republic of Congo
    Untitled Click on link to view separate page Untitled for the latest demographic data (birth rate, death rate, population, etc.) for the country; from the Untitled US Bureau of Census : Untitled International Data Base (IDB)

  • Maps:

    Untitled Larger map. Click on either map shown here to view a larger more detailed map for the country. If the map does not show, go to the linked map included in reference"46", see general country profile above, from Untitled University of Pennsylvania: African Studies Center .

    Regional Location: Untitled Central Africa ( Untitled Africa )

    Maps of Democratic Republic of Congo: (Small): 55, 52, 48