Untitled Click on figure for the latest pictographic image of the estimated annual number of new HIV infections worldwide (2003), and by region, 1988 to 2003 (pdf, 2 MB)
View Untitled Spread of HIV in Asia & Pacific (figure) and read the latest report on the Untitled AIDS Epidemic Update in Untitled Asia and the Pacific 30

  • Spread of HIV in Asia (1984-1999) 30
  • HIV/AIDS in Asia (overview)30
    UNAIDS Factsheet, December 2000.
  • East Asia & the Pacific43
  • Asia & Pacific 31
  • Asia & Pacific 31
  • Regional Overview: Asia50
  • HIV/AIDS: A Human and Development Challenge South Asia43
  • UNAIDS Epidemiological Factsheets for Asia (pdf)30
  • AsiaSource Special Report on AIDS in Asia
    June 27, 2001. A resource of the Asia Society, with extensive links on women, human rights, economics, and gay and lesbian communities.
  • From AIDS Epidemics to an AIDS Pandemic: Is an HIV/AIDS Hub Building in South East Asia?
    UNDP HIV and Development in Asia and the Pacific Project, August 2000.
  • Spread of HIV in Asia (1984-1999) (Graphics) 30
    Compare with Untitled Global View of HIV Infection (1984-1999) (824K)