• Africa-Related Links
    Compiled by the University of Wisconsin-Madison African Studies Program.
  • Index on Africa
    Compiled by the Norwegian Council for Africa, a nonprofit organization.
  • An A-Z of African Studies on the Internet
    Compiled by Dr. Peter Limb, University of Western Australia.
  • Stanford University Library: Africa
    Extensive regional and country links.
  • University of Pennsylvania, African Studies Center
    Includes extensive links and country-specific pages
  • The African Academy of Sciences
  • Association for Health Information and Libraries in Africa (AHILA)
    Includes African Index Medicus
  • Health and General Information on Africa
    Links compiled by USAID.
  • DebtChannel.org
    Global portal on international debt issues from
  • OneWorld, in partnership with over 70 agencies, human rights, and campaign groups.
  • U.N. Economic Commission for Africa
  • The Acacia Initiative
    Funded by the International Development Research Centre (Canada). Seeks to discover and demonstrate how disadvantaged sub-Saharan African communities, especially women and youth, can use information and communication in solving local development problems and foster international interest and involvement in using ICTs to support rural and disadvantaged community development; also in French
  • AfricaLink
    USAID project that supports regional networks of African policymakers and scientists in agriculture, natural resource management, and the environment.
  • Africa on the Internet
    Country-level links compiled by the U.S.-based Africa Policy Information Center
    . NB: Not recently updated.
  • Africa: Technology & Networking
    List of technology and networking resources related to Africa compiled by the African Studies Department at the University of Pennyslvania.
  • Africa Technology Forum
    Provides consulting services and networking opportunities for technical and business professionals involved in African development.Based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • African Internet Connectivity
    Includes continent-wide connectivity indicators and compilation of African Internet and communications technologies development projects
  • NGOnet Africa
    Information sharing and disseminationinitiative for African civil society organizations; also inFrench
    . NB: Web site not recently updated.