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  • Non-syncytium-inducing (NSI) Strain of HIV: SFAF
    See syncytium.
    • Syncytium (plural Syncytia): SFAF
      a mass or clump of cells that fuse together to form one "giant cell." In HIV infection syncytium formation can may lead to direct cell-to-cell infection. Strains of HIV are classified as either syncytium-inducing (SI) or non-syncytium-inducing (NSI). SI strains tend to infect T-cells, whereas NSI strains tend to infect macrophages.
    • Syncytia (Giant Cells) JAMA
      Dysfunctional multicellular clumps formed by cell-to-cell fusion. Cells infected with HIV also may fuse with nearby uninfected cells, forming balloonlike giant cells called syncytia. In test-tube experiments, these giant cells have been associated with the death of uninfected cells. The presence of so-called syncytia-inducing variants of HIV has been correlated with rapid disease progression in HIV-infected individuals.

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