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This Untitled Biomedical Dictionary is planned to be a hyperlinked dictionary. Aside from providing the definition of a biomedical term encountered, related terms, topics and resources are included so that you may explore -- depending on your interests and level of understanding of a specific topic or field.

In the future, the biomedical dictionary will be subdivided into specialized dictionaries, e.g., for AIDS, Cancer, etc. (see left navigation icon links). At present however, all the terms are included in the main Untitled Biomedical Dictionary .

Navigating the dictionary. When you click on Untitled Biomedical Dictionary from another page, e.g., the Untitled AIDS Primer or Untitled Cancer Resources a new browser page will appear. This will allow you to look for the definition of specific biomedical terms, while at the same time reading a specific biomedical topic (e.g., cancer therapy) in another browser window.

To facilitate your search, each biomedical term has its own page (plus the related terms, topics and resources).

Use the A-Z navigation links at the top to begin your search for a specific biomedical term. [If you do not see the A-Z navigation links, click on Untitled Biomedical Dictionary logo.] If you click on the letter "A", for example, a list of biomedical terms (the list below is abbreviated), with the main letter heading "A":

  Index:   Untitled A# - AG     Untitled AH - AM     Untitled AN - AO     Untitled AP - AZ

  Untitled A# - AG

Because there can be several hundred to thousands of biomedical terms under each letter heading, each letter heading is subdivided further in "Subsections". Click on the specific subsection that will flank the biomedical term you are looking for.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the navigation of the links. Note that clicking on the Untitled Biomedical Dictionary logo will always get you back to this introductory page.

The "truncation" of the dictionary into subsections will not only facilitate your search for a specific biomedical term, it will also speed up the downloading of the database. In the future, we shall include a "term search" option, to further aid in your search.


  • Untitled If the term you are looking for is not included in this glossary/dictionary, search

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