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  • Gene JAMA
    1. A unit of DNA that carries information for the biosynthesis of a specific product (in the cell).
    2. Ultimate unit by which inheritable characteristics are transmitted to succeeding generations in all living organisms. Genes are contained by and arranged along the length of the chromosome. The gene is composed of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Each chromosome of each species has a definite number and arrangement of genes that govern both the structure and metabolic functions of the cells and thus of the entire organism. They provide information for the synthesis of enzymes and other proteins and specify when these substances are to be made. Alteration of either gene number or arrangement can result in mutation (a change in the inheritable traits). See also DNA.
  • Gene (adjective Genetic): SFAF
    the unit of heredity. A gene contains hereditary information encoded in the form of DNA and is located at a specific position on a chromosome in a cell's nucleus. Genes determine many aspects of anatomy and physiology by controlling the production of proteins. Each individual has a unique sequence of genes, or genetic code.

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