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  • Regulatory Genes
    1. Genes that express regulatory proteins; these regulatory proteins in turn control the expression of other genes. These regulatory proteins interact directly with or form a complex with other regulatory proteins that then interact with specific regulatory region(s) of a DNA. In a living cell, the process triggers a complex cascade of events that result in expression of messenger RNAs (mRNAs) and subsequent translation of the mRNAs into specific proteins. See also Promoter region, Expression and Translation System.
    2. As related to HIVJAMA : Three regulatory HIV genes--tat, rev, and nef--and three so-called auxiliary genes--vif, vpr, and vpu--contain information for the production of proteins that control (ie, regulate) the virus's ability to infect a cell, produce new copies of the virus, or cause disease. See also REF; NEV; TAT.

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