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  • Pap Smear JAMA
    A method for the early detection of cancer and other abnormalities of the female genital tract, especially of the cervix and uterus, employing exfoliated cells (cells that have been shed into vaginal fluid) and a special staining technique for microscopic examination that differentiates diseased tissue. Also known as Papanicolaou smear after George Papanicolaou, the American cytologist who developed this method and published it in 1943. See also Cervix; Uterus.
  • Papanicolaou Smear (Pap Smear): SFAF
    a procedure in which a specimen of cells is taken from the uterine cervix or anus, prepared on a slide, and examined under a microscope for abnormal cell growth (dysplasia). An abnormal Pap smear suggests increased risk of developing cancer.

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