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  • Long-term Nonprogressor (LTNP): SFAF
    an individual who has been infected with HIV for several years (7-10 or more) but does not exhibit immune system decline or have opportunistic diseases. About 10% of persons with HIV disease seem to be LTNP. LTNP typically have a strong cytotoxic T-lymphocyte response, minimal lymph node damage and a relatively low viral load. LTNP may have unusually strong immune responses, may be infected with a weakened strain of HIV, or may have protective genetic factors.
  • Long-term Nonprogressors JAMA
    Individuals who have been HIV-infected for 7 or more years and who have stable CD4+ T cell counts of 600 or more cells per cubic millimeter of blood, have no HIV-related diseases, and have had no previous antiretroviral therapy. Data suggest that this phenomenon is associated with the maintenance of the integrity of the lymphoid tissues and with less virus-trapping in the lymph nodes than occurs in other HIV-infected individuals.

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