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  • Integration JAMA
    The process by which the different parts of an organism are made a functional and structural whole, especially through the activity of the nervous system and of hormones. As related to HIV: The process by which the viral DNA migrates to the cell's nucleus, where it is spliced into the host's DNA with the help of viral integrase. Once incorporated, HIV DNA is called the provirus and is duplicated together with the cell's genes every time the cell divides. Recent reports suggest that HIV's DNA also can integrate into the DNA of nondividing cells such as macrophages and brain and nerve cells. See also Integrase; Macrophage.
  • Integration: SFAF
    the process by which viral DNA is integrated into, or made part of, the genetic material of a host cell. Viruses integrate their genetic material into a host cell and "take over" its biological mechanisms to produce more virus.

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