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  • Infection JAMA
    The state or condition in which the body (or part of the body) is invaded by an infectious agent (eg, a bacterium, fungus, or virus), which multiplies and produces an injurious effect (active infection). As related to HIV: Infection typically begins when HIV encounters a CD4+ cell. The HIV surface protein gp120 binds tightly to the CD4 molecule on the cell's surface. The membranes of the virus and the cell fuse, a process governed by gp41, another surface protein. The viral core, containing HIV's RNA, proteins and enzymes, is released into the cell. See also CD4 (T4) or CD4+ Cells; GP41; GP120.
  • Infection: SFAF
    a condition in which the body is invaded by an infectious organism (e.g., bacterium, virus, fungus). An active infection is one that leads to disease symptoms; a latent infection remains dormant within the body.

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