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  • HIV-Associated Cognitive/Motor Complex: SFAF
    see AIDS dementia complex.
    • AIDS Dementia Complex (ADC, HIV-Associated Cognitive/Motor Complex)
      1. AIDS Dementia Complex (ADC) JAMA
        A degenerative neurological condition attributed to HIV infection, characterized by a group of clinical presentations including loss of coordination, mood swings and loss of inhibitions, and widespread cognitive dysfunctions. It is the most common central nervous system complication of HIV infection. Characteristically, it manifests itself after the patient develops major opportunistic infections or AIDS-related cancers. However, patients can also have this syndrome before these major systemic complications occur. The cause of ADC has not been determined exactly, but it may result from HIV infection of cells or inflammatory reactions to such infections.
      2. AIDS Dementia Complex (ADC, HIV-Associated Cognitive/Motor Complex): SFAF
        mental impairment with an organic cause that is due to HIV infection (i.e., not an opportunistic pathogen). Symptoms may include cognitive impairment (e.g., difficulty concentrating, memory loss), disorientation, mood and personality changes, speech and vision difficulties, psychomotor dysfunction (lack of coordination, incontinence) and paralysis. AIDS-related dementia typically affects people in the later stages of HIV disease. Early stages of the syndrome are referred to as HIV-associated minor cognitive/motor disorder.

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