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Treasures of the Internet Vol. I No. 1: Sining: July - September 2005 Untitled 20:40:31   Thursday   17 Jan 2019  
sinulog 2005

Orbital: Born to shimmer, born to shine.
Photo © by Robyn's Nest

[Brief text here related to the photo or art work above. Include link to featured photographer or artist archive page in Likas-Philippines, as well as link to featured place, person or event. Write a PHP script, so that this work section will change randomly during each visit of the day. However, the sequence of photos must correlate with events and history during the year.]

Current Contents

Works of Artists
  • Contemporary Artists
    • Visual arts, sculpture, installation arts (photograph of)
    • Internet Arts
      e.g., Highly artistic use of Flash
    • Short film/video/digital/analog artists (Odz?)
  • Recent Masters
    select works of "recent" masters: Abueva,
  • Historical Arts
    works of Juan Luna, Amorsolo, etc.

Arts in Photography
  • Artistic Photo Selections of the Month
    This will be a selection of individual photos (chosen by popular vote?, e.g., by "Pinoys@flickr"; and/or curated selections by the Likas-Philippines Arts & Photography Editorial Board). There will be categories: Scenery, Moods, Still Life, Filipino Children, Young People, Old People, Abstracts, etc.
  • Internet Art and Cartoons selections of the month
    same rules as photo selections
  • Featured "Best Photo" Selector
    • This is the reverse of the other sections at the top. Here, an individual is chosen (maybe once a week, depending on the number of willing participants). (S)he has the task to select his(her) top photos (25 to 100) from around the world, excluding the Philippines this time and not from his(her) own work. The task will include asking the people for permission to have the photo (brief text of the photo and bio of photographer, if possible) for inclusion in the TOTI archives.
    • Rules: not more than one photo per person, not more than three per country and not more than five per category (Scenery, Moods, Still Life, Filipino Children, Young People, Old People, Abstracts, Nature and Wildlife). The next selector must try not to select the same set of people as the previous selectors.
    • The significance of this feature, in relation to the long-term goals of "One World", will be discuss in the future. [But, I would encourage the visitor to speculate why this very simple feature can have lasting impact, if each selector does his(her) job quite seriously and conscientiously, rather than just looking for the abstract "best photos".]

Free Music
  • Explore if some Filipino groups or singers will do mp3 recordings of non-copyrighted Filipino songs, e.g., Ang Bayani (?), popular regional songs, or creations of lesser known Filipino musicians who want to publicize their work.
  • Universal mp3 format only
  • [Note: While free, this will require sponsorship because of the high cost of bandwidth for downloads]

Free dance videos
  • Explore if some Filipino dance groups will do videos of dance performances
  • [Note: While free, this will require sponsorship because of the high cost of bandwidth for downloads, as well as cost for filming.]

"Photo-essay" contest
  • In the future, to encourage more widespread selections of photos from different provinces and regions of the Philippines, as well as instill Filipino pride, there will be a more publicized "photo-essay" contest.
  • [This will require sponsorship, to cover the prizes and other expenses.]
Untitled Treasures of the Internet


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Today in History

Customize this section for the Philippines. If possible, correlate this also with the photos or works of art shown.
Visit the History & Culture Calendars, for other significant events of the day.

International Events

August 01: Dahomey [ID] 01: Switzerland [CD] 05: Upper Volta [ID] 06: Bolivia [ID] 1st Mon: Jamaica [ID] 07: Ivory Coast [ID] 09: Singapore [ND] 10: Ecuador [ID] 14: Pakistan [ID] 15: Rep. Congo /Brazzaville [ID] 15: India [ID] 16: Cyprus [ID] 17: Gabon [ID] 17: Indonesia [ID] 18: Afghanistan [ID] 23: Rumania [LD] 25: Uruguay [ID] 31: Trinidad and Tobago [ID] 31: Malaysia [FD]

[CD] - Confederation Day; [FD] - Federation Day; [ID] - Independence Day; [LD] - Liberation Day; [ND] - National Day

Include significant world events here, e.g., discoveries and the discoverers that changed the world, etc.

Cultural Events

Include major events for the month: national & regional holidays, cultural events and festivals.

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Weather Forecast

Local weather forecast here

Is it possible to get a feed from the Philippine Weather Bureau to include the weather forecast here?

Visit Weather and Climate page for the weather forecasts in other regions of the Philippines.

Treasures of the Internet
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Treasures of the Internet

Treasures of the Internet
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