Welcome to the Cancer Resources section of Treasures of the Internet

Because of the serious nature of cancer, we hope to steer you mainly to internet resources that provide reliable information. Thus, instead of being comprehensive, Cancer Resources will rely mostly on literature coming from institutions like the National Institutes of Health (NIH), especially the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), universities and research institutions.

The databases from the above sources focus mainly on "conventional" outlook and strategies of dealing with cancer. In the future, we will include a section on "alternatives" if we find resources that fit this category and have been investigated well enough to merit further exploration.

The various types of cancer are listed here based on their body location or the major forms of cancer. You may also use the A to Z navigation links, shown above, to access specific cancer databases if you already know what type of cancer or information you are looking for.

The Cancer Resources for lay people section includes introductory materials while the sections for scientists and biomedical professionals includes more technical information needed for cancer research. There is no reason however why you cannot understand the latter resources, if you are interested to know more about specific forms of cancer.

In case you do not find the information you are looking for, visit the Search section to explore cancer-related search engines and directories. Other more general directories and search engines are also included to facilitate your exploration.

Visit the Health Resources website for internet resources about general health, nutrition and other diseases. There are other databases in the Science & Technology and the Treasures of the Internet that you may want to visit.

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