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Treasures of the Internet

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This page is a part of a much larger website : Treasures of the Internet. Please click on Treasures of the Internet, if you do not see the logo of "Treasures of the Internet" and the A-Z navigation links at the very top. You should see also the A-Z navigation links, specific for this section. Otherwise, click on the logo, for this section. If this is your first visit, please read navigating this site.

Untitled Untitled Welcome to the BioSafety section of Treasures of the Internet. The goal of this website is to create an integrated database about safety issues and regulations, to minimize time wasted by researchers, workers and safety personnels, jumping from one internet site to another, searching for information.

The heart of the strategy is the "A to Z navigation links" shown above to facilitate access to specific safety databases that are usually scattered all over the internet. Also, the the topics in the BioSafety website were grouped thematically into the following sections:

  • LabSafety
    provides links relevant to biosafety in the research laboratory

  • International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSCs)
    the information database included were from an international collaborative project and peer-reviewed documents about chemicals and materials that are likely to be found in laboratories and work environment. The current databases is less comprehensive than the MSDS databases, but the breath and concise presentation of the information included in each ICSC should prove more easy to access and understand in a laboratory setting and in case of an emergency.

  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
    provides online databases on Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and related biosafety databases

  • Carcinogens, Biohazards & Hazardous Materials
    the information database included were from an international collaborative project and peer-reviewed materials about carcinogens and hazardous materials.

  • Untitled Search
    provides search engines, archives and directories that are more specific for health and sciences

There are related webpages that you may want to visit.

  • Health Topics
    integrated compilation of health topics from information databases of research and biomedical institutions, as well as designated government agencies

  • Reference Desk
    includes general and scientific references

  • The Scientist
    this site is still under development. The goal is to help scientist spend less time flipping from one internet site to another, by integrating into this site and related sites information that are of interests to scientists.

  • Medical Centers
    listings of the major hospitals, cancer and medical centers in the United States.

  • Science & Technology

In case you do not find what you are looking for among the various topics included in the "A to Z navigation links" and the related websites cited above, the Untitled Search section provides search engines and directories that are more specific for the health and biomedical sciences. Some of the directories included allow access to information databases that were tailored specifically for laypeople, physicians or scientists. Untitled


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